Chris Elliott Told Conan About His Amazing "Bad Dental Work" Diet

Last night on Conan, Chris Elliott swung by and talked about the surprisingly effective weight loss system he used to lose 75 pounds: have all of your teeth capped, poorly, and be unable to eat. It worked so well that he ended up with saggy skin on his stomach where the fat used to be, which he was obviously happy to show off.


Comedy Central Picks Up '@midnight' For 40 More Weeks

It's not all bad news for cable late night shows this week. Comedy Central's new Chris Hardwick-hosted late night show @midnight has been doing really well since its debut, holding onto a solid chunk of its Stewart and Colbert lead-ins every night and sparking a ton of activity on Twitter via its great hashtag games. And that performance is being rewarded, as the network has decided to pick it up for a whopping 40-week run that'll start on January 6th.

The initial one-month trial run of @midnight ended last night, so there will be a bit of a hiatus throughout the holidays, and then it'll be back in action for basically all of 2014. Congrats to Hardwick and the whole @midnight crew!


Sarah Silverman Returned Some of Jimmy Kimmel's Stuff to Him on His Show

It's always awkward running into an ex. I imagine running into an ex when they're a guest on your talk show is a whole different level of awkwardness. Last night, Sarah Silverman came by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new HBO special and brought along a box full of things that he left at her place after they broke up. All things considered, I think they handled the whole thing pretty well. READ MORE


Pete Holmes and Eric Andre Talk About the Places His Penis Has Been

Eric Andre was on The Pete Holmes Show last night, and naturally the conversation turned to an awkward interaction involving Andre's penis and the potential upsides of dying on live TV. Below, check out their Yo Mama-off (in which they also discuss Andre's penis, as I think it's in his contract for it to come up in every talk show appearance) and their discussion about their early careers. READ MORE


Conan Called, Ruined a Horse Race

Last night on Conan, our ginger hero went to a Santa Anita horse race to learn about the art of calling races and then tried his hand at it himself. He was…not great at it. But he tried, and that's what counts.


Aziz Ansari Talked Halloween Costumes with Jimmy Fallon

Aziz Ansari was on Late Night last night, and since his segment aired after midnight and into Halloween, he naturally talked with Fallon about his costume and why he feels for ghosts. It wasn't spooky per se, but it was at least topical, which is something.


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Kanye and Kimmel Talked Things Out Last Night

Last night, Kanye West came by Jimmy Kimmel Live so the two men could talk out their beef. If you missed it, Kanye went on a bit of a twitter rampage after Kimmel did a video spoofing an interview he did on the radio in which he was represented by a child. You know, a totally normal and relatable reason for two guys to get into a fight. The first part of the interview is above, the rest is below. READ MORE


Streeter Seidell, JC Coccoli, Chris Gethard, and Josh Gondelman to Swing by the Dog and Pony Show This Friday

This Friday at 7:30, Streeter Seidell, JC Coccoli, Chris Gethard, and Josh Gondelman will join hosts Halle Kiefer and Joe Stanton at UCB East for this month's Dog and Pony Show. A powerhouse of a lineup if I've ever seen one. It's only $5, and I personally guarantee that it'll be the best comedy show you ever attend. Or at least in the top 50%. In any case, get your reservations right here, and we'll see you on Friday!


Paul Scheer's TED Talk Tackles the Controversial Honey-as-Dipping-Sauce Issue

Paul Scheer teamed up with Conan to put together a TED Talk in which he tackles some of the most important issues of our day: whatever crowdsourced microfunding is, living your best life while asleep, and why people dip chicken fingers into honey. All with the help of one of those stupid headset mics, which everybody knows make you look way smarter.


Stephen Colbert Officiated a Wedding That Included Shots, Strippers, Smokey the Bear, and Mandy Patinkin

One of the negative effects of the government shutdown is that all national parks are closed. And when those parks are closed, the weddings that were previously scheduled to be held there had to be canceled. So sad! But Stephen Colbert wasn't going to stand idly by while romance was dashed under the feet of stubborn congressmen. No, he decided to help out one of the screwed-over couples by having the wedding right on his show. And he did it right, including both the bachelor and bachelorette parties and some special guests. Check out part one above, with the thrilling conclusion of the nuptials below. READ MORE


Everything You Thought You Knew Was a Lie: @Horse_ebooks Is a Fake "Art Project"

What's real? What's an illusion? Can you ever trust anything on the internet? Can you ever even trust another human being? Are we all just tied up in a cave, watching shadows on a wall that we think are real life? These are the foundation-shaking questions raised by the shocking news that beloved Twitter account @Horse_ebooks was not, as people assumed, a rouge spam bot, but was instead a secret, human-controlled "art project" by Jacob Bakkila and Thomas Bender.

If you're unfamiliar with the @Horse_ebooks phenomenon, we dove deep on it last year. But all of that research and conjecture turns out to have been for naught, as we've all been conned by a guy from Buzzfeed and a guy who used to work for Howcast.

In retrospect, maybe it was too beautiful and perfect to be a random and accidental creation. Of course tweets like this came from a human brain:

And yeah, kudos to them for tricking thousands of people into thinking this was something that it wasn't. But boy, doesn't that really suck the fun out of things? Much like Jimmy Kimmel's recent fake twerking video that went viral, things like this will just lead people to treat everything with an even heavier dose of skepticism than they already do. No one has any reason to believe that something that seems unlikely and magical could actually be real – it'll always seem more likely that someone is just trying to trick you for their own personal gain. So I hope it was worth it, Bakkila and Bender. Whatever "Bear Sterns Bravo" is, the art project that this is leading towards, I hope it makes up for you stealing our innocence, our senses of childlike wonder and hope.

Here's a video they made about it that doesn't really explain much: READ MORE


Watch the Trailer for Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael's 'Ass Backwards'

Here's the first trailer for Ass Backwards, a new movie written by and starring Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael about a pair of former child beauty pageant contestants who aren't doing so hot as adults. Also featuring Alicia Silverstone, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Cryer, Brian Geraghty, Bob Odenkirk, Marcia Jean Kurtz, and Paul Scheer, it kind of looks like a mix between Young Adult and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. It'll be available on iTunes on September 30 and in theaters in early November.


Chris Hardwick to Chat with 'Futurama's Creators and Cast Before and After the Series Finale

Futurama's series finale is airing on September 4th at 10pm, and in order to blow it out, Comedy Central has called in professional guy-who-talks-about-a-show-on-TV-immediately-after-it-airs, Chris Hardwick, to chat with series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. The discussion will take place on Comedy Central's site and Nerdist's YouTube channel in two half-hour chunks at 9:30pm and 10:30pm, immediately before and after the airing of the finale. The creators will be joined by castmembers Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, and Lauren Tom. It'll be the last time they're all together, unless the show gets un-cancelled, which honestly wouldn't be all that shocking given the show's history.