On The Lost Roles of Norm Macdonald

Great comfort should be taken from the fact that he remains one of the funniest standups working today. I just saw him a few months back and that is far and away the best forum for his particular brand of madness That said, he KILLED as Burt Reynolds' son on My Name is Earl.

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On Will Ferrell & Adam McKay Are Writing Step Brothers 2: The Stepbrothering

Awesome. Step Brothers was tremendous, loving the idea of a sequel - loving the idea of anything with Ferrell and Reilly together, they always do way better than Ferrell by himself

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On No Worries: Chris Gethard's Awkward Adventure in Tijuana

This was a great story, well told and engaging. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the book

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On Rob Delaney Has What Should Be the Final Word on Joke Plagiarism

@Big Mamma Jamma I don't know what you meant by FF'ing but I assume it's not the Google "I got lucky" result: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flirty_Fishing

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On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

@Dingus WINNER. This episode made me cry both times I watched it. Just couldn't even stand up.

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On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

@Evil Sean - YES - I forgot about "Get a Life" - I'd go with the Handsome Boy Modeling School episode as well

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On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

Sledge Hammer - "Under the Gun" (the Pilot) The Dick Van Dyke Show - "Never Name a Duck" "Where Did I Come From?" and "My Husband is Not a Drunk" Arrested Development "Motherboy XXX" and "Ready, Aim, Marry Me!" Seinfeld - "The Contest" and "The Outing" Curb your Enthusiasm - "Mister Softee" Community - "Cooperative Calligraphy" "Contemporary American Poultry" and "Regional Holiday Music" Parks & Rec - "Flu Season" & "Ron and Tammy" South Park - "ChinPoko Mon" And more I'm sure I'll think of...

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