On Community Recap: "Basic Lupine Urology"

You've never seen an entire episode of Law & Order?!? [throws computer out window]

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On So Louis C.K. Is a Women-Denigrating Pig Now, According to Greta Van Susteren

@Steve Smith@facebook You have to be trolling. Or not. Either way, please continue commenting.

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On The Final Matchup in the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament Has Been Decided

@Stormy24 It's not for everyone, honestly. I mean, the millions that would rather watch Big Bang Theory prove that. If it hits what you like in humor, though, it really hits it. (Still, it's not the best episode ever...Very clever? Yes. Best? No. Interested to see how it would do a few years from now, with more hindsight.)

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On Abby Elliott Could Be Leaving SNL After This Season

@Jason Nafziger That is a word that should not exist. Nickname? Awesome. Word? GTFO.

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On The Making of "Homer at the Bat," Twenty Years Later

That was my favorite part. I had no idea the recording preceded Mattingly's folicular stand-off with the Yankees! (And now I'm going to be singing "We're Talking Softball" for another day.)

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On The Adventures of The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Good read slash nostalgia vacation.

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On Trade Roundup: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Jason Jones, Justin Kirk

You can't buy a ticket for a movie that hasn't finished filming yet! Why does this site take such a cavalier approach to facts?

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On Todd Glass Comes Out on an Incredibly Moving Episode of WTF with Marc Maron

This was a great episode. Felt like I was tearing up a couple times, but Marc and Todd were able to keep it funny without compromising the weight of the discussion. Hope people listen.

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On Friends With Kids Is Not Bridesmaids 2, But It's Close

I like all of these people, which is a good start.

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On Stephen Colbert Is Beating Jon Huntsman in South Carolina

I think he'd have to go off the air if he ran, so no! Don't run, Stephen!

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