On The Simpsons' Springfield is Every Springfield but Your Springfield, Nerd

@Agent M It has gotten better then the teen seasons. Overall even with the "bad seasons" it is still funny. But the last 2 seasons have been picking up and there have been some fantastic episodes sprinkled throughout.

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On Many People Trusted the B--- in Apartment 23

The show wasn't bad, but the Dawson made it awesome. Without him it wouldn't be as good.

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On 13 Things About Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Roundhouse, I remembered a show that was variety, but could never remember the name. Thank you good sir. Also keep up the good work. I love this series so far and will buy your book when it comes out.

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On The 25 Greatest Fox Comedies In Their 25 Year History

I'm in the Malcolm Camp. I love that show. top 10 fox shows for me. But your top 4 is spot on. And where is the Pauly Shore Show on here?

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On Defending Adam Sandler

Eff you guys. I like Adam Sandler. Sure his movies are mostly stupid, but I'll watch them because I will be entertained. I love Little Nicky and Billy Madison. Eight Crazy Nights is one of my favorite holiday movies. Even his family movies aren't bad. And nothing is better then Happy Gilmore. Seriously a fist fight with Bob Barker? Price is wrong, Bitch. Come On!!!

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On SNL Recap: Jonah Hill Is A Funny Man

I loved this episode. And we got an Ow my balls show. Other then the open which was meh everything was great. Jonah Hill killed it. I think it has been the best so far this year. And the talking monkey was great.

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On SNL Recap: Lindsay Lohan is Comedy Poison

I liked a bit of the scared straight. Mostly the every kiss begins with rape. But Lohan killed most of the show, and not in the good way.

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On Why Whitney is the Best New Network Sitcom of 2011-2012

I've given whitney a couple of chances and it is ok. I don't make it a point to record it. But I might if my weekly tv is light and I didn't see the episode. So far I love 2 broke girls. Sure it's nothing more then sex jokes and kat's huge tits that I just want to motor boat until the end of time. Suburgatory is great I think. It's not a consistent laugh out loud funny, but I enjoy it. I do like Last Man Standing though. Sure it's Home Improvement with girls and minus Wilson (RIP), but it is rather funny, but family safe.

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On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

Also if you want to add the most depressing half hour on TV go for the recent HIMYM episode where Robin is talking to her kids.

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On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

I think this needs fleshed out. If you want the best episode of a comedy series, then would it mean to be the best episode or funniest episode? Really, Look at mash, the final episode is probably one of the best shows on TV, and was the most watched for the longest time. Simpsons, really I can't name a single episode because there are too many to name. If you want a best go with anything Homer/Lisa. Futurama needs luck of the Fryish or Fry's dog. Scrubs would have to be the one with Brendan Frasier dies or maybe the one where Dr. Cox loses 4 people at once or the final episode (not the new scrubs, the real final episode at season 8 I think). And I know it will not happen but the Family Guy episode where Stewie and Brian are trapped in the bank vault. Any Arrested Development episode is a continder for funny. Almost the same with Raising Hope. I can't name any My Name is Earl episodes off hand, but that needs added.

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