On Veep and the Absurdities of Power

I'll be real honest with you though- I didn't laugh out loud once during the entire thing. And frankly, in a world where there are Arrested Development and Modern Family level pilots, this one was a huge disappointment.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "Live Ammo"

LOVED the Walk and Talk in the beginning of the episode, and the very obscure reference to the "Bartlett for America" napkin- the framed "Pillner for Pawnee" napkin made me stop the DVR cold. I miss the West Wing!

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On Who's the World's Worst Father, Frank Reynolds or George Bluth, Sr.?

What am I missing here? The entire article is about Frank, and then George is declared the winner?

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On How I Met Your Mother Recap: "Trilogy Time"

It really was an episode that felt like the old days. It had a repeating Barney gag, a depressed Ted, lots of imagineering and re-interpretation on the fly, and a twist ending. In short, great, complex writing. Everything I love about the show was represented.

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On Bateman Begins: It's Your Move

Having watched and loved this show as a kid, I recently purchased bootleg DVDs of this show. I remember it as being an always-surprising chess match of con man against con-man, a sort of pre-Ferris Bueller. I definitely wondered if it would hold up. It totally did. This show was incredibly smart for its time. If you like con movies where one-upsman-ship and clever twists are the norm, this is the same thing in 80s sitcom form. Bateman plays a kid who has the school clocked. Making money from test scores, candy, etc. His single mother starts dating a new guy Norman, who Bateman can't stand. He tries to set Norman up for a fall, but Norman, a former bad-boy himself, catches onto it, and the battle for the mother's affection ensues. The twist? Neither of them wants to blow their innocent image in the eyes of the mother, so all of the battling has to be done out of her sight. It's really worth a watch.

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On Adam Sandler to Remake Summer School

Adam, Adam, Adam- you've never seen Summer School? I saw this IN THE THEATER. TWICE! That's right. Classic? Who's to say? But Chainsaw and Dave alone make this movie totally worth watching. Like, totally! But seriously, see the movie.

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On Anchorman 2 Is On the Way, Says Ron Burgundy

This is outstanding news. The vid has over a million hits on Youtube as well, so that has to be encouraging. Can someone remind me what was the holdup on this project for so long? Didn't the studio refuse to make this sequel for a while?

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On What's Wrong with Comedy Central?

To me, Comedy Central used to have thoughtful original programming like Dr. Katz. Today's Comedy Central wouldn't even consider a show like that. Not enough farts to entertain the tweens.

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On Tom Papa Is Going to Give TBS the Naked Truth

That's awesome, I heard Tom on his XM radio show "Come To Papa" discussing the Marriage Ref, and how they had it "almost right." When asked how he would tweak it to make it exactly right, he said "Get rid of the married couples and just have the entertainers sitting around talking." Sounds like that was more than just a fleeting idea!

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On Get A Life: The Community of Its Time

I remember my little high school mind being blown every Sunday night by this show. It was amazing.

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