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Posted on April 23, 2012 at 7:41 pm 0

On Splitsider and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Have a Horrifyingly Tacky Christmas Sweater to Give You

Upon returning from my first year of college away from home I was warned that as an adult Christmas would be a lot less exciting. I had also gone away to school in the far off distant supposedly snow filled land of Buffalo, NY. Combining all of this my parents decided that I had a fundamental need for socks. I was given pair after pair of white socks of varying lengths. Thats the worst physical gift I have ever recieved, and therefore is a concrete answer, however, I was also given the sex talk for the first time (out of a total four, the first three were cancelled due to my uncontrollable laughter at the words used, and my continuous odd references) right around Christmas, to this day the vision of my dad uncomfortably speaking to me and the Christmas lights all over making him glow. Is haunting, and incredibly hilarious.

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