On The Lost Roles of Gilda Radner

Also note that her ex-husband, G.E. Smith, is behind Steve Martin and leading the band.

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On Yes, Dear < Taxi: What Older Shows Would You Like to See on TV Again?

The problem with reairing all the episodes of MST3K is that they lost the license to a lot of movies which is why there are no complete season sets of MST3K. Thankfully, because they encouraged it back in the day with tape trading, you can easily find those episodes but they aren't in the best quality. I wish there were a "ton" of MST3K episodes on Netflix, but there isn't as they've been slowly taking them down.

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

I really like Joe Rogan, but I have gotten to the point that his cohort, Brian Redban, gets on my nerves so badly with his horrible jokes and how he can easily ruin what was a good conversation with the guest by interrupting it. I wish Rogan would make him reign it in, and at this point, I will only listen if it is a comic that I enjoy. I should give Brendan Walsh's podcast a listen, but he is with Redban's group and I don't want to worry about listening to Redban ruin Walsh's podcast as well. Does anyone here give Keith and the Girl a listen?

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On The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament

Community has two episodes in the running? Over Party Down and the Office? Wow.

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On Parks and Rec vs. Arrested Development and WKRP in Cincinnati vs. MASH

Parks and Rec any day. As much as I like AD, Parks and Rec has made me laugh way more.

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On The Simpsons vs. NewsRadio and Party Down vs. The Bob Newhart Show

I'm voting for my beloved NewsRadio even though it doesn't stand a chance against the Simpsons.

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On Seinfeld vs. Community and South Park vs. The Larry Sanders Show

It was tough, but Scott Tenorman Must Die is a classic.

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On The Ten Most-Hated Rotten Tomatoes 0% Comedies

As I was scrolling through the movies, I was so sure that I would see Clifford. Thankfully, I've only seen one of these movies (The Suburbans).

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On Paul Brittain Is Leaving SNL, Effective Immediately

I'm really sad to see him go.

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On Dane Cook's Response to the Twitter Complaints About His Last Set

Wow, I thought that the response might be nice, but then he pulls the "ya know, I'm rich" card at the end. Dick move. TJ Miller is a million times more funny than that dickhead.

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