On Another Day, Another Picture of Ricky Gervais Dressed as Hitler

Good grief.. all the snarky Ricky Gervais articles that Splitsider posts makes me wonder if he did something personally to you. I like coming to this site and reading articles, but the amount of hate you guys use when talking about Ricky Gervais is silly. If you don't like him for whatever reason, could you just stop talking about him? This is getting really old.

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On The Year in Comedy Podcasts

I tried listening to Who Charted? three times, and I just can't get past Kulap's annoying voice. That voice just grates my nerves.

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On The Year in Comedy Podcasts

@Steve Austine@twitter Brian Redban is painfully unfunny and almost ruins Joe Rogan's podcast. Those comedians are great and I love them to death, but I can't tolerate Redban. I just can't.

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On Ricky Gervais Irrefutably Proves Atheism to Strangers on Twitter

I don't get why this site has a boner for bashing Ricky Gervais. Do you devote this much time to snide remarks with anyone else? He replies on Twitter to people who provoke him. Sure he should ignore it, but he didn't find this poor defenseless person (who, if you took a gander at his tweets, is a raging homophobe and general douchebag) on his own. I don't get why this is newsworthy on sites and it just seems everyone is ready to report on this "militant" atheist. If you don't like Ricky Gervais, quit talking about him. This is seriously the only blemish on this site, all the shit-talking about Ricky Gervais.

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