On Holy Shit, the Japanese Intro to 30 Rock Is Amazing

We need a translator on those titles, stat. This is the Internet! Statistically speaking one person who reads this site speaks Japanese! So get on it! I bet it says something like "This is Big Boss Jack. He executes. Look at him be so anger!"

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On The President Has Never Seen Rocky

If you had said "The Tick"'s Patrick Warburton, I would've made SplitSider my homepage.

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On The President Has Never Seen Rocky

I like that he is "Seinfeld"'s Patrick Warburton and not "Rules of Engagement"'s Patrick Warburton.

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On CollegeHumor Moves Towards the TV Model with a New Fall Schedule

Nobody wants to sit in front of their computer to watch something like that for 22 minutes. Once more people start watching web content on their TVs (through Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Boxee, etc) expect to see the original content to get longer (and, on a side note, expect TV to disappear all together).

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