On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

@John Musco@facebook This site isn't the only one who just gushes over Community, but it's turned me off as well. Well that, and the fact that the show hasn't been good since halfway through season two. I don't know how someone who watched the first season, and the first part of season two, could say that the show is still good. It's just not funny anymore.

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On Fox Gives Allen Gregory the Axe

@Nick Taylor@twitter I didn't watch Allen Gregory, so I can't say for sure, but that formula worked perfectly for Arrested Development.

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On The Year in Comedy Podcasts

I'm glad that podcasts are getting much more attention than they ever have, but it's the "big" podcasts like Nerdist and WTF that frustrate me. I'm glad they're getting attention because it will hopefully make people realize that there is much more out there that is WAY better. Podcasts like Uhh Yeah Dude and Film Junk for example. Both of the podcasts have been going for over five years, with at least one episode per week, and have been high quality from the beginning. What is even more commendable is that they're doing it all out of pocket, with little-to-no sponsors. Anyone who thinks that any of the shows mentioned above are funny at all would be blown away by Uhh Yeah Dude. They need to check out episode 74 of that show and they will see. Film Junk is more focused on movies obviously, but they're a bunch of hilarious guys.

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