On Dwight's Spinoff & Mindy Kaling's Pilot Are Taking Their Toll on The Office

Pat its' big, shaggy head one last time & let it go, peacefully.

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On South Park Recap: "Reverse Cowgirl"

I'm still amazed that this show can make me cringe. The TSA overlord guy in the Control Room fapping away - ewwwww. And that it went on just a little too long made it even more disturbing. Love it.

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On Weeds Returns For Season One Million (Okay, Eight)

Yeesh, we still have the LAST season on DVR and haven't *quite* decided if it's worth watching or not.

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On Elisha Cuthbert Shows Conan More of Her Happy Endings Impressions

Ohhhhh, "Happy Endings" impressions. Quotes make this a much different clip than I'd hoped for...

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On Are You There, Chelsea? It's Me, Impending Cancellation.

It's un-watchable, put it out of our collective misery-please.

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On FX Is Putting A Lot of Eggs in the June 28 Basket

Looking forward to exactly half of that night's line-up. And no, it isn't the 2nd half. Yuck.

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On How a Female Comic Was Assaulted Onstage Last Night

That is horribly unnerving, but having only gone to a handful of stand-up shows in my life I have to ask why the people running this place didn't throw the creep out before it escalated to such a point? I know heckling is part of the deal for many comics, but this sounds like something that could have been cut short if they were paying attention to what was happening.

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On Bad News for Whitney and Chelsea Could Be Good News for Community

Good, every single "Chelsea" episode should be destroyed with fire. Laura Prepon can't seem to deliver a believable line of dialogue in anything, the show is just un-watchable. "Whitney" however, kind of won us over after a handful of accidental viewings. Like to see where they take it, if it survives.

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On Pat Robertson Was Not a Fan of SNL's Tim Tebow Sketch

On the upside, he's old & he'll be dead soon. THEN who gets the last laugh, pal??

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On Louis C.K.'s Live at the Beacon Profit Is Up to 750k

Louis, don't go turning into the world's biggest prick & breaking my heart!

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