On Kingpin: The Farrelly Brothers' Biggest Flop and Greatest Triumph

Love this movie. It's the simple things (like when people assume he's showing his fake hand instead of the ring) that really made the movie for me.

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On East Coast/West Coast Beef Reignited by Slight Differences in the 30 Rock Live Shows

I liked last year's just fine, but I did like this year's better. Without much of a story it seemed like a chance for 30 Rock to celebrate itself. When Donald Glover got such a large applause, I wondered, "why isn't Community more popular then if everybody knows who this guy is?" Then I realized, 30 Rock doesn't get any better ratings, so it's probably not going to help much.

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On Girls is the Whitest Show on Television, Other Than Every Other Show

I'd like to see a study done to see how diverse actual groups of friends tend to be in real life, even in more diverse areas like New York. I grew up in a pretty diverse town, and honestly, the groups of friends you'd see tended to consist of people who looked a lot like each other. If a white guy writes a show, he might write the entire cast as white, because those are the people he knows. I don't know what shows are getting shot down, but I'd say the problem lies there. I don't think they need to force diversity in each so as much as they should try to have a more diverse lineup.

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On The New York Times Explains Alternative Comedy to Your Dad

I had to stop reading when he wrote there was a time that loving comedy got you chased home from school. No it didn't, if you got chased home for liking comedy, its because you were the kid that got chased home, and the bullies didn't have a better reason that day. Not endorsing bullying btw.

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On Bad Ratings: Not Just for Community Anymore

I turn on NBC at 8:29, and play Community from the start, I still can skip commercials, but because I'm watching "live" the four shows play through, and I don't get the final scene cut off because it rant to 8:31 like NBC loves to do so much.

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On Is Kevin Hart the Next Breakout Comedian?

I don't think its race, standup comedy is probably one of the few where race doesn't hurt notoriety. With the exception of Louis CK and Dane Cook, just about all standups I can think of that are massively popular to where they are household names aren't white. In the last ten to 20 years, the most famous comedians (that are known for being standups) I can think of are Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle and Carlos Mencia. While Louis CK was pretty famous for being a standup, I think the reason he became as famous as he is was because of the show. And most really famous comedians get there by TV or movies rather than standup in my opinion. For Kevin Hart, the only movies I can think of him in are the later Scary Movies, and a one minute spot in 40 Year Old Virgin, I think that has more to do with it than anything.

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On The Office Recap: "Angry Andy"

I can't point to any reason why, but I think I laughed more this episode than most this season. During Andy's breakdown, I thought he was going to rip into Robert's inability to actually make a decision, whether its its ex-wife, Nellie assuming the job, or Nellie refusing to give the office back to Andy, Robert seemingly backs out of any hard decisions.

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On Community Recap: “Virtual Systems Analysis”

I liked the episode, but for the stuff that wasn't part of the main storyline, like hating Die Hard because two FBI agents are named Johnson, or Shirley "beating the matrix" by not driving across town to go to a different "same fast food place." Season 1 I liked everbody. Season 2 Pierce was sociopath. Season 3, I still like everybody, but with each passing episode I realize I would never hang out with these people.

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On Eastbound and Down's Fitting End

Part of the benefit of watching on DVR is that when the car explodes, you don't realize there's a good 5 minutes or so left because of the time, so I did think he might really die. Then I needed to pause it for a second, and saw "7 minutes left" and figured he isn't staying dead.

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On The Three Stooges Bring Their Slapstick Into the 21st Century, For Better or Worse

The movie wasn't that bad in my opinion. I could do without the Jersey Shore people (whatever they "lost" if they had made up their own reality show they would have made back by casting people who could at least somewhat act). The old shows didn't have a lot of plot going on, so I don't think the lack of a storyline hurt it that much (in the theater I was at, everybody was either somebody who obviously watched the show as a kid, or was a kid - who probably don't disect a movie's plot). Even without the Jersey Shore folks, seems like there was a lot of stunt casting. For what it's worth, Old Spice Guy seemed to do the best out of the those, with Situation and JWoww tied for last.

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