On McHale Jokingly Addresses/Evades Chevy Voicemail-gate – Classic Winger

He said something similar on The Soup last week. Actually, he made the exact same joke, then slipped in "we handled it."

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On How I Met Your Mother Recap: "Trilogy Time"

Out of the 6 Star Wars movies, its not weird that you are okay with only seeing 4 of them once, but it is weird that you haven't seen the other two more.

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On SNL Recap: Sofia Vergara Is More Than A Loud, Pretty Face

I really think they thought by having "Gilly" call the teacher a bitch, and then admit she went too far was enough to consider the sketch "fresh." Other than that, I can't think of a single reason to bring that character back. It feels like when studios release a crappy movie based on some character they have rights to, only to retain those rights.

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On Ricky Gervais Claims to Not Be Mocking the Disabled with His Obviously Disabled New Character

I'm not sure if I get the logic. If Gervais creates a black character, who seemingly is a racist depiction, is it okay just because Gervais says it isn't racist, and he created the character? I think intention is important, but just because you don't intend to offend, doen't mean something isn't offensive.

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On Visual Community Recap: "Pillows and Blankets"

The North Cafeteria which is in the East building, which is to the west of the North building, was perhaps one of my favorite parts this entire season.

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On Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis to Leave SNL After This Season?

@Slutface A sequel to Goodburger or Stan Helsing. Of course, it isn't Christ who would make that happen, it would take the other guy.

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On Adam Sandler to Remake Summer School

Summer School is one of those movies where if you are just having a lazy day and stay inside watching TV, that you leave on for 5 minutes, waiting until something better comes on, then end up watching the whole move anyway. I don't know if its good or bad, but it serves. They should cast Courtney Thorne Smith as the adult love interest, to keep continuity with the original, it will keep the rabid fan of the first movie satisfied.

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On Community Recap: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"

I didn't think this was one of the funnier episodes, but I need to rewatch it, was a bit distracted. Totally thought it was Rich from the earlier episodes as well. Sometimes they make Abed "quirky" and sometimes he's full out unable to function in society. I think he was a bit more on the extreme side this episode, and I think that character works best when he isn't completely anti-social, but just odd.

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On Investigation: What the Heck Has Jim's Dad from American Pie Been Up to?

I own Naked Mile, or Beta House on DVD, but in a "I moved into a new place and didn't have cable and internet so I bought something from the $2 bin" sort of way. It was about halfway through "Band Camp" that I realized any direct to DVD sequels to American Pie were basically equivalent to the lower end National Lampoon movies, and have treated them as such since then.

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On What Do You Think of Bill Burr's Rant Against the Alternative Comedy Scene?

Well, I understand being resentful to people who had it easier than you did. I feel a pang of resent when I see a kid look up info on their smartphone for homework instead of head to the library to look up the info in an encycolpedia. He doesn't say the comedy isn't any good (at least not in the excerpt), just that the new alt-comics don't know the bad parts of comedy they he had to deal with.

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