By chris chris on Community Recap: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"

Not a great episode but very good (come on it's Community!). Enjoyed seeing Kieth from Scrubs. I thought it was Rich (from the first season) at first. How much longer before JD and Turk show up? It was nice to see my favorite quote from last night pop up at the start of your recap: "“I loved 1984, I think kids should be forced to read it.” Pop Pop!

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By sirormadame on Another Day, Another Picture of Ricky Gervais Dressed as Hitler

Not sure why everyone's so sore about these great Ricky Gervais-being-a-pain blurbs. I love them. NEVER STOP. Never stop until Ricky gervais stops acting so foolish.

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By Megh Wright on The Office Recap: "Garden Party"

@Joshua Ungerleider So true! If you'll allow me one cheesy comparison, the show itself is about as desperate for approval right now as Andy.

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By robdelaney on Rob Delaney Has What Should Be the Final Word on Joke Plagiarism

@debraswheel Hi. I have never plagiarized a tweet. But thanks for weighing in! Have I posted tweets similar to ones that someone else thought up somewhere else, earlier than me? Of course. In the realm of joke writing, that happens all the time, especially on Twitter. But consciously taking a joke someone else made up and claiming as my own? Nope. Not only is that a shitty, lazy thing to do, it's also roughly impossible to get away with. Why would I make the career of comedian, in which the odds of success are so remote, even more difficult? I like to sleep at night and that would be difficult if I, as you incorrectly say, plagiarized. You have quite literally no idea what you're talking about.

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By Joshua Kurp on Calvin and Hobbes and the Trouble with Nostalgia

@Joshua Ungerleider Thank you for not being offended by the title. Technically, I believe you were here (Splitsider) first, so I should be "Other Josh" and you should be "Original Josh." Or O.J. I and O.J. II, for short. I can't possibly think of a negative connotation for someone being named O.J.

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By Joshua Kurp on Community Recap: "For a Few Paintballs More"

@Megh Wright Plus he's got a kick ass first name.

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By Tim Graffam on Turtles All the Way Down: When Sitcoms Pay Tribute to Other Sitcoms

Completely unrelated to this post, did you guys change how your RSS feeds work? It used to be that at the end of the article I could see how many people have commented which would also be a link that would bring you right to the comments section. Any chance of that coming back?

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By Megh Wright on Welcome to Women in Comedy Week at Splitsider

Ha, you're not a prick. I was just like, really? Kathy Griffin? At a time like this?!

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