On Bad Ratings: Not Just for Community Anymore

@Francis Rizzo III@twitter Don't give them any ideas

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On Book of Mormon Songwriter to Sing in the Key of Springfield


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On SNL Recap: Josh Brolin and the Beginning of the End

I hope this was the last time we ever see Gilly. Gilly is the worst sketch in the history of sketch comedy. I'd rather watch Dan Harmon's terrible date rape web short over and over again.

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On Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement

Unfunny jerkoff asks dummies who watch his pointless show that tells you what clips to watch on the internet to fondle strangers in public. I'm sure women needed and desperately wanted another thing to have to worry about when they want to get a cup of coffee or go to work.

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On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

@John Musco@facebook You and bard both allow other people's tastes to dictate your own?

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On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

@chris chris "gimme fued gimme fire gimme dabajabazaa!" - Metallica

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On Community's Ratings Honeymoon is Over

Man I can't wait for Up All Night's season to be over so Parks and Rec can come back.

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On The Final Matchup in the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament Has Been Decided

@sorry your heinous I'd like to see the writers of Community do a season of the Simpsons. I think they're a better fit than the meta, self referential writers they have now.

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On The Final Matchup in the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament Has Been Decided

@Victor If you look at the shows and episodes it has been up against this whole tourney, it makes perfect sense why it is there. If it had come into conflict with any modern comedy (it really should have lost to Party Down, one of the best comedy shows of all time) after the first round it likely would have lost. Silly for you all to think this has anything to do with the show being on hiatus considering it was up against I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke, which are historical icons but by no means part of the modern comic taste. They are also some of the few shows on this bracket that are in classic sitcom format, so it was difficult for those shows to win regardless. Community had it easy. If it had come into contest with Seinfeld or Arrested Development earlier, I doubt it would have gone as far as it did. Especially since Modern Warfare is arguably the most popular episode of the show since it aired and that lost out in like round 2 iirc. WTF is my point? It ain't a fanboy rigged game, it was stacked in Community's favor by simply putting the show up against really old TV that is hard to fully appreciate on the 100th viewing more than 50 years from its air date. It's just a matter of freshness. Like it or not, Remedial Chaos Theory is just more entertaining on the whole than any episode of Dick Van Dyke or Lucy.

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On Millenials Are the Comedy Generation

Well it can't be pop music since that has become more of a commodity in the last 20 years than an art form. I have to agree with Pablo though that this is like when Johns Hopkins did a study to see how medically accurate shows like Scrubs and ER are. That's some Al Bundy worthy flushing right there.

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