On Get A Life: The Community of Its Time

The Awl has put up intelligent posts about the Nielsen rating system in the past. This is just silly: "In reality, executives are not assassins of art so much as they selfishly attempt to maintain a job. They tend to green light and keep programs that make money for themselves and their bosses. Usually those shows are similar to those before it because they can see with empirical data that they have worked before." If it's somebody's job to make sure their company brings in advertising dollars by putting out popular television shows, that's not selfish, and it shouldn't surprise people when less popular shows are cancelled? I love Community and 30 Rock, but I'm not shocked to read about their low ratings, and it would be understandable if NBC pulled the plug on them. That doesn't make television executives bad people, or uninformed people, or jerks, it makes them people who are doing their jobs (which somebody has to do) to the best of their ability using imperfect data. If NBC was run by AVClub commenters, it would have gone bust a long time ago!

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On Saturday Night's Children: Janeane Garofalo (1994-1995)

Saw her doing standup once. She was late, and had all her jokes written down on neon index cards. She literally flipped from card to card, looking for a joke to do. She sucked.

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On When Portlandia Comes to Town

The reason Portlandia sometimes looks like Tim and Eric is because both the editors, Doug Lussenhop and Daniel Longino, are editors on Time and Eric.

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