On Talking to Pete Holmes About Standup, Writing, Podcasting, and the Joys of Being Made Fun Of

I love, love, love Pete Holmes! I saw him open up for Norm MacDonald at the LA Improv last year (I do wish he'd make his way over to Florida!) I play his album "Impregnated with Wonder" in my car constantly. I wish I could get to the NYC gig (as I also adore Gaffigan). Great interview, by the way.

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On Yes, Dear < Taxi: What Older Shows Would You Like to See on TV Again?

I agree with Michael regarding The Muppet Show, Carol Burnett and Bob Newhart. I also loved Bosom Buddies and Square Pegs (although I have the box sets of both of these series, I'd watch them if they aired on TV - kind of like how I end up watching the movie Sixteen Candles every single time I come across it on the dial.) As for other shows, I loved Phyllis, Laverne and Shirley, Three's Company and One Day at a Time (I'd really love to see that turn up on TV Land). In light of the recent (tragic) loss of Davy Jones, I'd love to see The Monkees back on the small screen. I never grew tired of that show. Of course, I am a major nostalgia junkie. I listen to mostly the music I grew up with (70s era rock, Frampton, Journey, etc.) and love to see the old shows - not to say that I don't enjoy some of the new sitcoms (Parks & Rec, Community, HIMYM, New Girl, Raising Hope, Archer, Sunny)...

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On 9 Sketch Comedy TV Shows From the '90s That We’ve Mostly Forgotten About

Thanks for including "The Newz" on this list! I worked on this show for a while and the cast was truly talented (Brad Sherwood from "Whose Line is it Anyway", Mystro Clark, Stan Quash, Shawn Thompson and Tommy Blaze were standouts). It's a shame audiences and TV stations didn't give it a fighting chance (in Orlando, where the show was filmed, it aired at 1:30am.)

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