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On Parks and Rec Recap: "The Bubble" and "Li’l Sebastian"

Ugh, Traeger's overuse of "literally" is extremely grating. He's already the weakest character in an outstanding cast; crossing him over into catchphrase territory just seems cruel. Otherwise, though, this is just absolutely brilliant television. I can't wait for the Tammy 1 reveal.

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On Parks and Recreation Recap: “The Fight” and “Road Trip”

Amy Poehler is a genius.

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On Handsome Killjoy Alec Baldwin Says Next Season Will be 30 Rock's Last

Sad to say, but I probably won't miss it. I still watch regularly, but with Community and Parks and Rec delivering consistently great episodes, this season of 30 Rock has stood out as very lackluster in my opinion.

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On On Norm Macdonald, the Greatest Talk Show Guest Ever

Norm is my favourite... seriously, I would hit that so hard.

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On Let's Talk About Steve Carell's Office Replacement

I think it would be a shame if The Office went off the air before Dwight and Ron Swanson ever had the chance to interact. Other than that, though, I don't really care what happens. The Office just doesn't do it for me anymore.

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On 30 Rock Recap: "Double-Edged Sword"

I thought this was pretty much the worst episode ever, and not just because I'm Canadian. It was really boring. Also, we don't know Carol well enough for him to be that mean to Liz, and passing it off as "he's just the male version of her, so it's okay" didn't cut it for me as a justification. Hopefully it gets better next episode.

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On The Groundbreaking Women of Sketch Comedy

Stupid timer wouldn't let me edit to fully express my rage... How about French & Saunders? Tracy Ullman? For chrissakes, even some of the women on MadTV. Diversify! I mean... Molly Shannon?! I just can't with this.

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On The Groundbreaking Women of Sketch Comedy

There are sketch comedies featuring women to draw from other than SNL. Sorry, but Molly Shannon does not belong on any list featuring Gilda and Catherine O'Hara. She had a few moments, but...seriously. Not on the same level.

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On Remembering Rue McClanahan and Dixie Carter

Lucille Ball? Seriously? For me, she's an example of how awkwardly not funny female comedians can be. Like, I don't understand why she's such a comedic benchmark, other than the vagina thing. Different times, I guess. The Golden Girls is not only still funny, but, when you watch it now, it's way more hilarious than a lot of modern comedies. The show is just solid.

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On Looking Back at SCTV

SCTV! So many great sketches: Tex & Edna Boil's Discount Organ Emporium, Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town (especially the one where she and Mr. Messenger visit a prison), Brock Linehan Goes Home... my personal favourite, though, is Edith Prickley as an Annie Sullivan and Catherine O'Hara as Helen Keller in "Gangway for Miracles." I. Love. This. Show.

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