On Veep and the Absurdities of Power

A brilliant, confident opener. Really good stuff.

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On Girls' Ratings Are in and...

@ProfKlickberg If that's an insult, then it doesn't quite work as Cody clearly has some talent, as opposed to just being an over-hyped flash in the pan; the recent rather good 'Young Adult' is testement to that.

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On Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

@beermestrength I wasn't aiming my remark at you, but generally; and it's clear there is a lot of remarkable hate for the man. Though why you would class him as an 'asshole' is beyond me, oddly personal verbal attack. Having seen all of Derek, I have to say it's not really insensitive, it's almost over the top in it's desire to be warm hearted and kind; if Gervais wasn't so mannered in his performance, there'd be no controversy at all. @nathan Smart avoid CnB like the plague, a nest of vile, snobbish, miserable folk.

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On Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

The hate and bile tossed at Gervais from some people is incredible, and only increasing. His crime? Being very succesful whilst making comedy they don't like. How DARE he!

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On Ricky Gervais Claims to Not Be Mocking the Disabled with His Obviously Disabled New Character

From the reviews I've read, he's not mocking and he's not making fun of Derek at all. So let's wait and watch and see for ourselves.

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On Legendary Comedian Bill Hicks Was Definitely a Legend, but Was He a Comedian?

He was a social commentator AND a comedian. He worked as a comedian. He was a comedian. Again, him not making a person laugh much, does not mean he isn't a comedian, it just means he's a comedian who doesn't make you laugh much, even whilst you agreed with his points. He thought of himself as a comedian, he worked as a comedian, he was a comedian. To try and say anything else is plain silly.

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On Legendary Comedian Bill Hicks Was Definitely a Legend, but Was He a Comedian?

He's definitely a comedian, it's a bit absurd to try and say otherwise. I mean, he just is. No, he's not Steve Martin, with gags and silliness aplenty, he's a very different flavour of comedian. But very definitely a comedian. It seems odd to to even have to point that out that. He's a comedian. The fact he doesn't really make YOU laugh does not make that any less so. He's a comedian.

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On The Final Matchup in the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament Has Been Decided

I love Community, but should it be there ahead of, say, Arrested Development or Seinfeld? NO WAY! What were you voters thinking?

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On The Toughest Minivan Drive-By You'll Ever See

@phil m@twitter So, correctly then.

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On The Best Adult Swim Show That Nobody's Watching

I've been loving this show; big fan of the stuff Neely used to put on the internet a few years back, great to see he's been able to transfer his odd sensibility to TV. This show also has a bad-ass theme tune.

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