On The Final Four in the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament is HERE

I said it before, but it's bananas that the Modern Warfare episode of Community was knocked out, but Remedial Chaos Theory is still in. Modern Warfare was by far the better episode. Though, in fairness, as much as I love Community, I don't think either episode should be in the Final Four.

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On Battle of the Cult Favorites: Community vs. Arrested Development

If the other episode of Community ends up in the final round and this one doesn't, something is wrong. Modern Warfare is by far the better episode of the show, but it just can't compete with Arrested.

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On The Adventures of The Adventures of Pete & Pete

@smartastic You're not alone, don't worry.

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On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

I agree with what a lot of folks have said. Here's my rundown of changes I'd like to see 1. More vibrant commenting community (no idea how to get that to happen...contests that require commenting?) 2. More coverage of British/non-US comedy 3. I'd like to see fewer tv recaps, actually. I can read great recaps on a lot of sites. So far, nothing about the Splitsider recaps stands out compared to the AV Club or Vulture, etc--and those sites have more established commenting communities that add value to the recaps. 4. More original humor writing. 5. I love the idea of local guides. Don't forget about us here in LA!

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On Friends vs. Frasier and The Dick Van Dyke Show vs. Get Smart

I had to go with The One With the Embryos, if only because the Frasier choice isn't the greatest. If it had been A Valentine for Niles, though...

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