On Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

Yeah, Ricky is hated in the UK at least by comedy nerds. The Cook's and Bomb'd people are ruthless in their hatred of the main and really they are just assholes about it. I don't care if you don't like the man's work but don't pretend you didn't think he was a genius years earlier when he made The Office. Those guys have retroactively put The Office on blast all because Gervais is kind of a twat in real life. I agree about Life's Too Short but The Office is the best 8 hours of TV pretty much ever. And I remember when you loved him for it. Hate the man if you want CnB, but don't slag off what you once went for. I guess I feel the same way about CnB as they do about Gervais. Whiny babies who love to see their words on a computer.

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On Legendary Comedian Bill Hicks Was Definitely a Legend, but Was He a Comedian?

I've always respected Hicks but didn't laugh a bunch at all the material I've heard. But, the clips you posted made me laugh a ton (even though I've heard them before) so thanks! I guess I'll have to go back to that old material again.

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On Oh, There's Gonna Be Another Super Troopers

When I read stuff like this I just think, "Has Hallie taken a lunch yet?"

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On Ken Marino and Judy Greer Could Be in TV Love Forever


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On The Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Tournament: We Have Our Elite Eight

oh, the Office UK didn't win? fuck this site

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On The Cosby Show vs. Cheers and The Office (US) vs. The Office (UK)

@Alice Smith@facebook you should be ashamed of yourself

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On The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament: Round One Results!

so gross to find out that the UK Office only won by 4 votes - disgusting

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On The Office (UK) vs. Community and Cheers vs. Mary Tyler Moore

so it's already come to The Office (UK) vs. Community? As much as I love Community and think it's the best thing to happen to TV in the last few years, The Office (UK) is the best thing to happen to TV ever so, sorry Chang.

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On The Cosby Show vs. Cheers and The Office (US) vs. The Office (UK)

all you assholes that chose Diversity Day make me sick

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On 9 Sketch Comedy TV Shows From the '90s That We’ve Mostly Forgotten About

I have always remembered Roundhouse fondly but that clip is awful (obviously because I'm an adult now). It's definitely nostalgic so it has that going for it but it just feels like one of those live shows you see at a theme park (in this case Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios).

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