On Paul F. Tompkins New Special Premiers Tomorrow and Will Be Absolutely Lovely

Was at the taping of this special. Hilarious material. If anyone is like me out there, you were quoting "Heee's allll riiiiight." after the first special. You'll have similar fodder once this drops.

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On Comedy Award Nominations Heaped Upon Modern Family, 30 Rock and Bridesmaids

What does Community have to do to get a fucking break in this town? Not a single nomination in any category?

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On Why Whitney is the Best New Network Sitcom of 2011-2012

Unfortunately, if those clips were the best you could muster to make your case (for an INCREDIBLY subjective topic), I don't see you winning too many Splitsider readers over to your side.

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On The Office Recap: "After Hours"

@Megh Wright I don't think the concept of a Jim and Cathy tryst would necessarily be a cliche trope. It's a real issue that happens in the workplace. If they explored it in a hokey "We did this, and now I feel ashamed so I'm going to tell Pam but we'll work through this because love" way, that would put the arc on par with a Crappy Show. If the writers added an iota of nuance and frank maturity to it, we could actually get into some interesting territory.

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On Saturday Night's Children: Robert Downey Jr. (1985-1986)

I was so surprised to recently learn just how conservative RDJ actually is.

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On NBC's Thursday Comedies Achieve Hideously Low Ratings As Per Usual

It's almost as if those shows all cater to a younger, more tech savvy audience that is hard to properly track using the current archaic Nielsen system. SHOCKING!

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On Is the Comedy Podcast Scene Too Incestuous?

@Emerson Dameron@twitter How about 2 funny people instead of 3 comedians? Give Uhh Yeah Dude a shot. They seem to be entirely removed from the rest of the podcasting circlejerk.

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