On And the Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Is...

Also, is anybody happy about this? I'd love to hear a Community fan make their case, not in an argumentative way, but in a 'heres why Community deserved this' kind of way. ...?

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On And the Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Is...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: democracy simply doesnt work. The problem is that people have no sense of perspective. Community seems big and important, especially with its future in limbo. In 20 years it'll seem very, very 2011. The Simpsons has aired in over 100 nations. It's caused more laughter, inspired more comedians, and literally changed the way essentially all of us see the world. We all think in Simpsons. I feel bad insulting a good show like Community, but its got nothing on a great, foundational show like the Simpsons.

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On What Non-Comedy Songs Make You Laugh?

Talking Heads: "Animals." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7CF9yTKkHQ Did I mention that they're making a full of us?

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On Charles Farrar Browne, the Sometimes-Racist Father of Standup Comedy

Great! I'm glad you're discovering the classics! I really enjoy Artemus Ward, especially how sleazy he could be. Check out the one where he stays with the Shakers, and tries to seduce their daughters. Classic comedy, As for race, you're right to acknowledge that it was pretty much par for the course with 19th century comedy. Browne even tried to get people to stop talking about race and slavery so much. On the eve of the Civil War he wrote: “The Afrikan may be Our Brother. But the Afrikan isn’t our sister & our wife & our uncle. He isn’t several of our brothers & all our fust wife’s relashuns.” For more on Civil War Era comedy, check out: https://uva-anywhere-2.itc.virginia.edu/+CSCO+00756767633A2F2F7A6866722E7775682E727168++/journals/journal_of_the_civil_war_era/v001/1.3.grinspan.html

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On Why Bridesmaids Deserved Its Best Picture Snub

Gosh, people are mean. I don't think a word you say is wrong, but its also true of Superbad, Caddy Shack, Airplane, Blazing Saddles, and every other comedy movie and tv show ever made. All comedy is built on archetypes. The problem isn't that Bridesmaids does the same, but so many expectations about gender were lumped on one movie. Bridesmaids is solid entertainment, but not earth-shaking or game-changing, and it shouldn't be expected to be.

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On The Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Tournament: We Have Our Elite Eight

@Piss Cop - Dont you dare take Phil Hartman's name in vain. Now Miguel Sanchez, you can say whatever you want about that dunderpate.

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On Community vs. Party Down and South Park vs. The Simpsons

@Arran@twitter Ditto. I don't think Chaos Theory was very funny. It didnt really make me laugh. It made me say: "Ok, I get it the point of this episode." In fact, I thought it was too pointed, too hard to roll with and sink into. It was like a position paper on comedy. For my money, Community's absolute funniest episode is "Football, Feminism and You."

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On The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament: Round One Results!

This is really fun; and the only online poll I wouldn’t try to cheat. But, honestly, y’all need to dial back the community-love a bit. I knew this site appealed to inveterate community exaggerators (which are a lot like frog exaggerators), but its not one of the greatest shows ever made. “Remedial Chaos Theory” – however heady – wasn’t very funny, there’re like two jokes in the whole episode. 30 Rock, on the other hand, has barrels of laughs. Barrels! And beating Seinfeld?! There is no way to articulate how wrong that is. I know it’s a good show that isn’t getting its due, but it seems like the cabal of Harmonistas needs to gain some perspective.

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