On Jay Leno Is Not Evil

Jay is a great joke teller and doesn't get enough credit for his solid monologues. His interviews are decent when he gets a funny guest and just allows them be entertaining. He got a lot of shit during the Conan fiasco in part because (young) people were smarting from the Great Recession and saw Jay as a symbol of older Americans who didn't want to give up their jobs for the upcoming generation. Conan's tonight show wasn't great and didn't get stellar ratings but he it seems like he just needed more time. (Leno's ratings really didn't go up until the Hugh Grant thing -- a year or two after he started, yes?) The worst aspect of Conan's tonight show was his brutally long and often times boring monologues, which went as long as 8 minutes. If the show had lasted another year or two, he could've figured out that he was no Jay Leno and could've cut the monologue time in half, as he as done on his TBS show. Letterman gets a lot of respect for his work in the 80s, when he revolutionized the talk show format. Today he's the cranky uncle who doesn't even show up to rehearsal. He still gets a lot of respect, but young people are watching Colbert or the Daily Show. Personally, I like the Daily Show, though the smugness of the correspondents turn me off. People love Colbert and he is very talented but a little of his show goes a long way, imo.

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On The 25 Greatest Fox Comedies In Their 25 Year History

King of the hill as a top 5 show, yes. one of my all-time favorites. No real gags, just great, funny characters. American Dad has also come into its own recently and though it can be hit or miss at times, would be great for it to go for another season or two.

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On So You Think You Can't Do That on Television?

cool article, this show was definitely a staple growing up.

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On Saturday Night's Children: Cheri Oteri (1995-2000)

Cheri Oteri played a lot of wacky characters but she would also play women who could perhaps be described as inappropriately sexual -- like the office tramp who would use innuendo incorrectly, or even Barbara Walters in the phone sex clip above. Overall, Oteri's my favorite female actress from that era of SNL, though I found her somewhat full of herself (maybe deservedly so, considering her talent and work ethic) in the commentary to her best-of vid.

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On Saturday Night's Children: Janeane Garofalo (1994-1995)

I've always liked JG, but I find her "asexualness" pretty strange. As George Michael once said, sex is natural and fun -- why would anyone willingly be "asexual," unless they're a nun or super repressed? On a side note, calling JG "asexual" is probably a stretch, though I do recall her talking about how she doesn't have sex that often, as if it was a chore. Weird.

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