On Alec Baldwin Got Kicked Off a Plane For Playing Words With Friends

He was probably "spamming the engine" As debated here, http://www.maximumfun.org/judge-john-hodgman/judge-john-hodgman-episode-43-triple-word-scorn

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On New Weird Al Video Polkas Through the Past

I can't get this video to play no matter what I do... I tried watching it from their website too. The ads however played without issue. Nice to watch 6 commercials and never get the video to play...

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On The New Comedies You're Going to Be Watching (or Angrily Turning Off) on NBC This Fall

Well so far they all look pretty terrible.

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On Bob's Burgers Bumped To Mid-Season For Allen Gregory

They best not cancel my show now. I love me some bob's burgers.

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On HBO's New Ad Is Strikingly Similar to a Comedy-Award-Nominated BriTANick Sketch

This actually reminds me more of the Mitchell and Webb Look sketch about the medical drama. http://youtu.be/lJuP9c3c2MI

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On 10 Sitcoms that Lost Their Lead Actors and Kept Going

So is Darrin not considered a lead role in Bewitched? If that's true then Samantha was the only character that mattered in the show and that doesn't seem quite right.

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On 10 Sitcoms that Lost Their Lead Actors and Kept Going

I'm kind of surprised not to see a mention of Bewitched with the double Darrin, or Fresh Prince of Bel-air or even Roseanne they had another Becky for God's sake! I don't know if they count as lead roles but Darrin was definitely a lead. And I was really surprised not to see a mention of The three stooges with Curly, Shemp, and Curly Joe or the two buckwheats. Wasn't there some weird replacements on I Love Lucy as well?

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On Portlandia Recap: "Aimee"

I am really impressed with this show so far. I just wish we had a place to watch it online. I can't catch anything on TV anymore. I just don't have the time. Hulu is usually my savior.

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On The Comedy Lessons of Terrible Super Bowl Commercials

Did you not see the Groupon ads? Especially the one for Tibet!? I thought that would be the first thing I would see you mention on the site today. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! Although, if you are not mentioning it in order to keep people from talking about it unduly, then I am with you there.

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On The Full McBain Movie Hidden Across Multiple Simpsons Episodes

It's broked.

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