On The 25 Greatest Fox Comedies In Their 25 Year History

Somehow while the list was being posted King of the Hill was moved 14 spots lower than it should be. /and we're off

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On Defending the Cavemen

The show was mediocre and not worth going out of your way for, but it's true that it wasn't that bad. Some rag had it on a typically overreactive list of "Worst 10 Shows Ever" a few months back and I scoffed; it wouldn't belong on the list of "Worst 30 Shows on TV at the Same Time as Cavemen."

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On Ranking the Anniversary Episodes of The Simpsons

Since two years ago I actually went as "Potato Man!" from "Trash of the Titans" for Halloween, I find the episode a little low. But the explanation is valid and hard to argue with.

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