On Mrs. Peniston and the Hilarious Vulgarity in Edith Wharton's House of Mirth

There's also a vagina hat in Wharton's Summer. The more you know...

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On Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase Are in the Middle of an Ugly Public Feud

@itsonreserve pretty sure Dino doesn't actually write for Community (xmas special notwithstanding), and i would think he's pretty busy running Starburns Industries anyway.

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On Watch Bob Odenkirk's Adult Swim Pilot Now

Man... I love Bob, but that was just not good.

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On Inspector Spacetime Web Series Stubbornly Refuses to Be Shut Down by NBC

@Hunter -- a tribute that garners the Inspector a tidy little $20,000 equipment haul at the expense of Community enthusiasts. dubious to say the least

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On What to Watch/DVR This Week

for the love of god, please fix that typo for "Parks and Recreation(s)." also, pretty sure there aren't gonna be any new Chucks for awhile. as in never again... since it's done... like, forever.

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