On Getting Out of Control

Hey, Dayna! Thanks for the great comment. I've already been in touch with most of the cast of SYS and the show creator, but if you've got some contacts, feel free to send 'em my way! Thanks!

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On Getting Out of Control

Thanks, Marty! Great to hear from you! I'll definitely be in touch once the book gets underway... Dave had a lot of great things to say aboutcha. Appreciate your reading!

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On Getting Out of Control

@Jimmy Callaway@facebook Thanks, Jimmy! Yeah, I'm glad people liked this one. Out of Control was always a really great show when I was younger, and I was worried when I was doing this article that people wouldn't remember it. Glad you guys do!

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On Girls' Ratings Are in and...

Lena Dunham is this season's Diablo Cody. Period.

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On Getting Out of Control

@BrendoMan WOW! Thanks, BrendoMan! I really appreciate all the great comments. You people are very friendly over here. America. Will keep everyone updated on book (we should be getting first offer this week or next; movin' along...). And there's way more where this comes from! "Salute Your Shorts" is next week.

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On We Double Dare You

@Michael Pace@twitter Yeah, I sure wanted to mention Harvey, but I didn't want "thorough" to become "effusive." Hope I succeeded! And, hey, we all love Harvey (including Marc Summers), so I think that goes without saying!

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On 13 Things About Are You Afraid of the Dark?

@Robert Dixon@facebook Thanks, man! Roundhouse is coming up; I'm talking with those folks now. Glad to hear you'd buy the book! Just need about a million more people like you, and I'm good!

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On So You Think You Can't Do That on Television?

@Rachel@twitter Thanks, Rachel! Yeah, I've tried to keep each article a bit unique from one another. Don't know if I've succeeded in that, but it's been my intention. I also do, of course, want to keep SOME stuff exclusive to the book (!), so certainly not everything is in every article. (That would also be impossible time-wise; most of my interviews go as long as two hours with each person!) Glad you've been enjoying them, and keep reading! We DOUBLE DARE you to read next week's article! (Marc Summers, anyone?)

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On Inside Clarissa Explains It All with Creator Mitchell Kriegman

@jessd6 I think I do remember that, but didn't play it. I wasn't a big board game kid. Thanks for reading.

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On The Lost Roles of Fast Times at Ridgemont High

These articles are GREAT! What a good concept. David Lynch on Fast Times? America! If you've never had a chance to read the book, by the way, you should! It's hard to find, but quite the read...

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