On Saturday Night's Children: Nancy Walls (1995-1996)

Wake Up and Smile might be my favorite SNL sketch of that era.

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On The Simpsons Officially Live in Oregon So Now We Can All Sleep Easy

You guys realize that Groening just makes this stuff up as he goes along, right?

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On We Double Dare You

A pretty recent Nick show, Brain Drain, was certainly inspired by Double Dare at the very least.

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On Horatio Sanz to Raise a Couple of Twin Girls in a New ABC Pilot

It should be called "Surprisingly Dreamy After Loosing All That Weight"

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On Check Out a Whale of a Preview for Jim Gaffigan's Self-Released Standup Special

Gaffigan announced this long before Aziz announced his. I was surprised when Aziz got so much coverage for his announcement and Gaffigan got nothing.

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On Take the High Road with Doug Benson's New Movie

You guys, I think Doug Benson might be using drugs.

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On 10 Great Comedy Film Audition Tapes

Really enjoyed this article!

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On Bunk Looks Like a Spaghetti-Spillin' Good Time

More like Independent Funny Channel. Zoom! No one else has ever made that joke.

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On Tom Papa Is Going to Give TBS the Naked Truth

I didn't see Marriage Ref, but Papa's a funny guy.

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On What's Good on Netflix Instant This Month?

Agree that this is a great new feature, but I'd love it if it were fewer options and then they were spread out once a week. That way I might have hope of trying to keep up with it.

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