On The Toughest Minivan Drive-By You'll Ever See

How hard do you think they had to fight to keep them from putting a record scratch in the trailer when the minivan is revealed?

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On SNL Recap: Zooey Deschanel Gets Quirky

I realized that what I wrote below is super negative, so I'm adding this to say that I thought this was another home run in a string of really great episodes they've had going this year. For whatever reason, the cast really seems to have found their stride over the winter break. That said... I'm gonna go with Bill Welch on this one. I like Zooey a lot and enjoyed most of work in the episode (especially on "Bein Quirky" where it could have easily been built around Zoey making snide comments at "herself" but was made of actual jokes instead), but her struggle to read the cue cards on the Newspaper sketch totally derailed any momentum in what is normally my favorite type of joke. Seems likely that she's just not used to having to read lines from a cue card that were written two days before (which, hey, fair enough if you don't do improv for a living) and this was a sketch that required really precise timing. My brain can't quite process the crab sketch. The entire writing process seemed to be just saying the word crab over and over with two syllables and a southern accent at 4AM in the writers room. There really wasn't even a sketch there. But as I discussed that very fact with my wife over the next few days, we started saying "Cray-ub" to each other over and over, and now we both find it hilarious.

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On Is Liz Lemon Benjamin Buttoning?

@Megh Wright Absolutely agreed. This exact same idea made the rounds a couple years ago (which is kind of telling in and of itself) and it baffled me then as well. My pet theory is that everyone identifies with Liz so well at first that they start to think of her as being "just like me!" But then they realize that she's actually kind of a mess, and as result they mentally retcon her as having changed over the years. Whether that's the case or not, the entire show can be summarized as "Liz Lemon makes very poor decisions." and it's been that way from the very first episode.

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On The Lost Roles of Howard Stern

Is it just me, or does Howard Stern look like an SNL character?

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On TJ Miller's Tweets Re: Dane Cook's Standup Set Last Night Are Fairly Upsetting

Yeah it's weird how being shit on by all of your peers for no real reason year after year will make you bitter and angry. I don't feel especially strongly about his comedy one way or the other, but it's really not up for debate that he absolutely paid his dues (whatever that might actually mean) and built an audience for himself through years of hard work. And once he found some success, he absolutely tried to pay it forward to comedians coming up under him. But then for some reason his entire peer group decided to use him as a punching bag because they weren't satisfied with their own career. I can see why that would make you a tad disgruntled. If you don't like his comedy, that's fine. Again, I'm not sure I would even consider myself a fan per-se. But what the comedy community has done to him is shameful, and it's entirely understandable that it would cause him to lash out.

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On Todd Glass Comes Out on an Incredibly Moving Episode of WTF with Marc Maron

"That flag means we don't give a fuck who you are. Come in. Come in to the store." Yes! Sign me up for a thousand. While I am very pro-Gay rights, I've been so frustrated at the implication that bullying is only really a problem for gay kids. Congrats to Todd. Well done.

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On The Lost Late Night Talk Show Hosts

"It seems odd in hindsight that David Letterman would pick the smarmy, self-absorbed Craig Kilborn over the funnier and wittier Jon Stewart, but hiring Kilborn may have been a plan by Letterman to avoid generating talk of succession." That's an easy thing to say in hindsight, but back at that time Kilborn seemed poised to take over the world. When he left the Daily Show there was a lot of concern over whether Stewart could possibly fill those shoes, and while it turned out that Stewart was a perfect match for the show, that was hardly a foregone conclusion at the time.

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On Assessing the House of Lies Pilot: Is It a Series to Watch?

"They’re like footnotes and we all know how hilarious footnotes are." DFW begs to differ.

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On Louis C.K. Defends His Disgusting Support of (Ugh) Charity

Errr...I hope he kept a little bit back for taxes and such. It would suck for this to turn into a Willie Nelson situation.

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On Ricky Gervais Is Pret-ty Proud of Himself for Being a Rogue Genius Iconoclast

Are you guys getting yet that it's not a character? He really is a giant ass.

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