On Who Cares About Joke Stealing?

@Brian xl And if a thought or story were at all analogous to something concrete like a table, you'd have a point!

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On So Louis C.K. Is a Women-Denigrating Pig Now, According to Greta Van Susteren

I generally like Louis C.K., and I don't necessarily think he should have withdrawn from this gig, but there really is no defense for calling any woman a "c*ntface." It doesn't matter who you're using it against-- it's still a misogynistic slur. It uses the fact that she's a woman against her. There are a million valid things to pick on Sarah Palin for; her being a woman is not one of them. It also sounds like he maybe threatened her with sexual assault? How is that ever defensible? Goddmanit, fauxgressives, stop making me have to defend Sarah Palin.

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On And the Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Is...

I love how seriously upset everyone is about this. Truth be told I voted for Community because I was sure it would lose. OH WELL/ HAHA U MAD

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On 8 of MADtv's Most Memorable Characters

I like how one quarter of their top characters are yellow/brownface 'impressions'. Stay classy, MADtv.

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