On Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work: A Legend Is Re-Introduced

@Joon Do you mean the "Day in the Life" one by Morgan Spurlock? It's interesting, but I don't know that there's much in that regular WTF listeners don't already know. There's also a short 9/11 doc about him, but I haven't seen it.

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On Watching Jerry Seinfeld in Comedian

@Chad Riden Well that's... embarrassing. You're totally right, I can't believe I did that.

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On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

Arrested Development - "Beef Consomme" Spaced - "Gone" M*A*S*H - "Tuttle" Sports Night - "What Kind Of Day Has It Been" NewsRadio - "Super Karate Monkey Death Car"

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On A Guide to the Hilarious World of British Panel Shows

@RotBot The difference with those shows is that they were more round-table discussions, rather than games with points and winners. It is the same basic idea, and if you like those shows (I absolutely adored Tough Crowd), you'll probably like panel shows as well.

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On A Guide to the Hilarious World of British Panel Shows

@Mcshed That's fascinating! The show ran from '05 to '07, but the Telegraph article that mentioned the possibility of a Sudoku based show is from 2008 - I guess it didn't make much of an impact.

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