On Things I Want to Do to IFC's Two New Comedies

Never stop being creepy, Hallie. And hilarious.

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On Portlandia Just Like, Gets It, You Know?


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On Parks and Rec Recap: "The Trial of Leslie Knope"

I just had to know what was on that ID, so I headed over to Hulu, fired up last weeks "The Smallest Park" and sure enough, clear as can be, at 16:25 you see this: http://flic.kr/p/aRtAjR So excellent.

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On NBC Drops Community, World Over

This is truly tragic news, but is something I've been worrying about for the last several weeks as the viewership numbers have continued to drop. This season has definitely been one of the "silliest" yet - which I've loved! - but probably makes it all the easier for those "mainstreamers" to throw it to the chopping block. I fear our beloved Community is on borrowed time at this point. Just the thought that something as terrible as Whitney or, you know, the entire CBS line up, is raking in 10's-100's of millions of viewers and this will be inevitably be cancelled makes me lose a little hope in the world.

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On Jim Carrey Has An Important, Off-Putting Message For Emma Stone

Goddammit I wish he would just go back to only doing ridiculous comedy like this. I miss this Jim Carrey terribly.

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On Watching the Inevitable 'Two and a Half Men' Porn Parody

While I knew porn parodies existed, I had no idea how obscure (or I guess, specific?) they got. I just truly hope there are many many more out there as these are definitely some of my favorite articles here. Also, absolutely lost it at the side note. Italics or no, keep these coming Sarah! Great stuff.

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On Fart, Smunny Parks And Rec Gag Reel Makes It All Okay

I could honestly watch hours and hours of this. Jesus how I love this show.

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On Turtles All the Way Down: When Sitcoms Pay Tribute to Other Sitcoms

Completely unrelated to this post, did you guys change how your RSS feeds work? It used to be that at the end of the article I could see how many people have commented which would also be a link that would bring you right to the comments section. Any chance of that coming back?

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On The Arrested Development Movie Is a Lousy Idea and It's Your Fault

I dont know, I think I have to agree with Adam here as well. Even though I get as giddy as a school girl every time I read the latest story about whatever AD cast member was quoted in saying "its still happening", deep down I know its a bad idea. Like most here, I would love nothing more than to see this ensemble together one last time, but when I start thinking about it all that comes to mind are the made for TV movies of old TV shows like the The Brady Bunch and Dallas. Even if you didnt like the shows originally most could agree the movie certainly didnt have nearly the charm as the series. I also think one of THE greatest things about AD was the ongoing "inside jokes" throughout all three seasons. I think this was one of the biggest things that made the fans become super fans, secretly knowing (or maybe even not so secretly) that they were in on the joke (and on the flip side probably one of the main things that lead to the shows demise for the majority that werent). What Im getting at is that where it's been as long as it has since the show was last on it will either end up trying to hard to incorporate those jokes or, worse yet, not include them at all. As much as I hate the thought of never seeing this fantastic ensemble again, I really dont think there's a great chance of something truly fantastic - and most importantly - as great as the original series.

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On 'SNL' Recap: Jim Carrey Scores a Team Win

I must say that while some of the sketches (read: writing) were a little weak, it was really really great seeing Carrey being funny again. As someone who grew up watching In Living Color and has seen Ace Ventura and The Mask more times than I care to admit, I really miss this Carrey that we all grew to know and love versus what seems to be the "Ill get an oscar yet!" Carrey thats been around since The Truman Show. I just have an unfortunate feeling that we've seen the last of that version.

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