On Getting Out of Control

i watched this show CONSTANTLY, and I haven't been able to remember the name of it for about 15 years.I remember they did a bit once about like the bathroom police trying to catch non-handicapped people who used the handicap stalls. In that way kids can believe two things at once (that Santa is real and imaginary), I both knew it was a joke and spent a few years feeling guilty and terrified whenever I used a handicapped stall.

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On 10 Great Comedy Film Audition Tapes

call me crazy, but is Michael Cera the best actor on this page? I never felt for one second like I was watching an actor "do a scene."

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On Bill Murray, Steve Martin, and Bugs Bunny: The Looney Tunes 50th Anniversary Special

I mean, you could argue that one of the primary conceits of Animaniacs comes from this - cartoon characters as real actors, dishing about showbiz, and talking about the old days. They even did one (more than one??) fake documentary like this. Which is just to say that seems amazing.

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On The Seven Ages of Alec Baldwin

do you think he's wearing cowboy boots in the first one because he pretends to be a cowboy for one of those hits, or just because it was 1990 and he was Alec-fucking-Baldwin?

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On Inside the Almost 100% Successful 1985 Late Night with David Letterman Book

my mother had this book on the shelf my entire childhood, and i read it over and over again. They'd gotten it when it first came out, which was around the time that my (much older) brother had a letter make it on Viewer Mail. He taped a dead flea to it, which started a mini-trend of other people mailing in dead insects.

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On Things Louis C.K. Would Have to Do For Me to Like Him More

He literally broke down in tears on Fresh Air this week talking about the death of Patrice O'Neil, and how that was the kind of thing he had in mind when he wrote that episode from this season where Louis' rough-living comedian friend tells him he's going to kill himself. It was really pretty touching!

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On Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?

I know Seth MacFarlane is a over-coiffed young millionaire with a shit-eating grin, but American Dad is definitely the best thing he has ever been involved in. They kill all the main characters in every Christmas episode (or at least come close)! I mean, come on! I love that show, yes, forever.

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On Almost Live!: What Seattle Sketch Comedy Gave to Us

Wait, so, how old is Joel McHale?

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On Let's Talk About the Whitney Pilot, Shall We?

Whitney (not Whitney, but Whitney) is not much of an actress. The show highlighted for me how good you have to be to deliver hacky sitcom lines standing around like you're in a community theater production on those crazy giant apartment sets and not end every line looking at the audience like "hiyo! see what i gotta deal with here, folks??" which is basically what Whitney was doing, the entire episode. Also, when she was doing that underwear-pulling-out gag, she was like wiggling her fingers in between underwears in a "whatta we got here, eh??" kind of way, like a 1930s cartoon, and, just, has a person ever done that?

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On Can Whitney Survive Its Ad Campaign? A Discussion

Will the boyfriend (Chris D'Elia) surpass his role as the coolest guy in the world/an incredibly horny child predator in Workaholics? WHICH IS, btw, another show that had a truly rage-inducing ad campaign, but which actually was pretty good.

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