On Errol Morris's High Life Man and the Changing Idea of Masculinity

you could say that the Old Spice Guy is a bit like ideals of femininity constructed to appeal to men, which just further plays into the idea of the "decline of men." A man is now defined in relation to and in reaction to a woman, not somehow on his own.

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On Julie Klausner Swings by Low Standards to Discuss Casual Sex?

please, julie, tell me girlfriend i have the appropriate number of buttons unbuttoned on my shirt. Thanks!

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On Paul F. Tompkins Recognized For The Evil Genius He Is

Sounds more like Dr Horrible meets the Office, but maybe that's too obvious to be worth saying.

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On The Simpsons' Wonderful Parodies of Pixar, Wallace & Gromit, and Other Animated Films

The Simpsons have been doing a lot of these extended format parody things lately, like the muppet thing on the Christmas epiesode. Hasn't really been that bad this year, honestly.

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On Why Americans Always Screw Up Remakes of British Comedies

The thing we always used to talk about when I did a TV production study thing in the UK was that for a US TV show to really be successful and profitable for all involved, it has to reach 100 episodes and go into syndication. This leads to all sorts of compromises and tone-lightening aimed at keeping the thing together and humming down the road long enough to make 100 episodes. I'm sure this holds for US adaptations, as well. In the UK, there's no syndication structure like that, therefore no need to keep the show going so long. Therefore, there's a lot more freedom to just experiment with a little 6-episode idea, keep it pure, and then maybe go back to the well if people like it.

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On The Legacy of Friends — Or Lack Thereof

Yeah, I think that's the big oversight here. I kind of get the feeling maybe Joshua just doesn't watch HIMYM. Also, I think your reasoning gets a little muddy here. Did you call Two and a Half Men and $#*! My Dad Says shows that "take risks"??? And DIDN'T include Community in your list of gimmick shows? Every episode is a gimmick! A clearly stated-over-the-top gimmick!!

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On The Forgotten Legacy of The Jenny McCarthy Show

But not to be a dick, this was a good piece.

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On The Forgotten Legacy of The Jenny McCarthy Show

Did he do anything on Aqua Teen Hunger, a softcore porn from the '70s about dolphin trainers wholly unrelated to the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

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On Enough Is Enough With "SNL Isn't Funny Anymore"

"SNL: There's a funny 20 minutes in here somewhere!"

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On A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience

I watched this show for the first time yesterday because a college friend of mine who now has his very own TV show was on. Topics included shitting, flying fighter jets, and a really weird long story about a woman getting murdered in Africa. To be fair, these are also topics that flow naturally from my friend and his show (except for that Africa one. Why the fuck did he bring that up? It was really weird). Also, yes, I watched it, and while everyone was splayed out on couches the way you do when they're a little to deep to sit like a real adult on, there were not terrariums or posters from Spencers. At least none that were visible.

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