On Larry David's Almost-Lost Sketches From ABC's SNL Competitor, Fridays

I don't see how the Men Who Hug sketch is any different than the SNL sketch where the family members make out.

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On What's Good on Netflix Instant This Month?

The Bicycle Thief is on there? Thanks for the heads up! Enjoy your Saved By The Bell.

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On The Highlights of the Beatles' Solo Comedy Careers

Clearly you've never seen an interview with Dylan from the 60s. He has a great sense of humor. And George is clearly the funniest one while Paul never had time for a sense of humor and he was always too busy smelling his own farts.

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On Examining Bill Cosby's First Solo Comedy Special

Not only has he put out music albums where he sings hits of the day, he also has composed instrumental jazz-funk tracks, one of which was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest. He even sang The Beatles: http://mattpayton.tumblr.com/post/932051711

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On Some Casting Predictions for Adam Sandler's Candy Land

Just to be clear we're shitting on the idea of this movie while Can't Hardly Wait is criminally underrated? I just want to get this all straight for when we're all supposed to answer for this in front of the comedy gods when we die.

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On The Quiet, Dark Comedy of Young Adult

Actually I would argue that Mavis isn't quirky at all given that she is only interested in the high school jock, drinking (both soft drinks and alcohol) in the least hip way possible, and wearing things that seem to be 5 years behind style-wise (like her big ass sunglasses and second Bush administration era cocktail dresses) not to mention her awful mainstream reality TV diet. Of course she does listen to Teenage Fanclub but that's all related to her fellatio memories. But I agree: she's a great character and by far the best part of the movie.

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On 11 Funny Comedians With Serious Music Albums

I posted a track from Cosby's anti-drug album a few weeks ago. The whole album is really weird and unsurprisingly has a very anachronistic attitude toward drugs. Check it out: http://mattpayton.tumblr.com/post/12560953032

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On Clueless Parents Believe The Onion's Childbearing Advice

Although to be fair that particular article was one of the most truthful things The Onion has ever published.

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On Is HBO Trying Too Hard To Be Edgy Instead of Funny?

Eastbound & Down definitely fits in the great HBO comedy category.

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On My Ex-Girlfriend Reviews The Mix CD I Made Her in High School, by Pedro Salinas

This was great. I loved that it was from the perspective of the girl.

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