On Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels Are Set to Return in Dumb and Dumber 2

Hollywood has gone from raping my childhood, to raping my adolescence. This, is progress.

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On Meet Kate McKinnon, SNL's Newest Castmember

"First hired in a couple of seasons"? Weren't Taran Killam and Paul Britain hired last year? I refuse to sit still for this nonsense.

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On What You're Missing By Watching SNL on Hulu

I think some of the sketch cutting has other considerations, either show length or quality control. In the Betty White episode for example, three or four sketches from the airing were absent from the Hulu post.

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On Watching Jerry Seinfeld in Comedian

Also, "When Stand Up Stood Out" about the history of the Boston comedy scene.

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On What's Wrong with Comedy Central?

I was keen to read about the behind the scenes dirt promised by the intro of this article and heard a programming rundown and two great tidbits as it wrapped up. Should have been, "Comedy Central is fucked up, here's why: Story, story, story, story, end."

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On 30 Rock's New Controversial Sentimentality

Sitcoms are deconstructed and psychoanalyzed. Psychoanalysis shows are praised for their humor. This makes perfect sense.

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On Today's Best Tweets by Comedians

Excellent selections.

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On Today's Best Tweets by Comedians

Excellent selection today.

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On How to Create a TV Show, with Mitch Hurwitz and the Cast of Arrested Development

Coming up next, a blow by blow account of the Altamont murder.

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On Ten of the Funniest Unaired SNL Sketches

No to be too much of a nerd (too late) but most of the Hulu sketches aired on the East Coast but were cut from the Hulu presentation. I definitely recall watching the Tina Fey open and Mozart sketch. Great article by the way, I wish they'd post more Update and dress bloopers.

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