On The Lost Roles of Sacha Baron Cohen

Shortest article ever: The Lost Roles of Vince Vaughn.

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On Hulu Plus Buys Digital Syndication Rights to Community

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Sony. Hulu Plus probably gave them a little more money right now but Netflix would have given them more eyeballs, which could potentially translate into better ratings in the here and now. There's no guarantee Netflix could raise Community's fortunes, but I've never even met a Hulu Plus subscriber. Stupid, stupid.

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On A Look at The Simpsons' Failed Prime Time Cartoon Competitors

I only found out about Family Dog years after I, on a whim, rented the video game for Super Nintendo. The game was...about what you'd expect. I don't remember enjoying it much.

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On Heineken! Damn Fine Coffee! The Wry, Enduring Comedic Collaboration of David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan

This is a good companion piece to Seth Colter Wallis's piece at The Awl a couple months back about Laura Dern's role in Lynch's work (http://www.theawl.com/2011/08/laura-dern-is-our-only-hope-for-bringing-david-lynch-back). I think MacLachlan and Dern both have special ways of channeling Lynch's strengths. MacLachlan brings an easy and sweet humor and Dern brings dramatic solidity (and better female characters). I think it's telling that Lynch's best movie is his only film to have both of them in it. I really hope he can pull together a project with the both of them again. Oh, and I have to say, describing Blue Velvet as "quirky" and "offbeat" is some damn good deadpan.

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On Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?

Maybe this isn't the right place for this, but I think it's so bizarre that Community is in its third season and the internet is still using photos from that one single, solitary time Jeff wore a blazer with track pants.

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On Godspeed, Little Doodles

What the? I never have any idea how any of this associate editor stuff works at the Awl Network. This stuff always catches me by surprise. We'll miss you!

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On Pop Quiz: Which New Show Pickups Are Real?

(For real though, "Why isn't this a show?" is a great game, played with the intent of aggravating other players with thoughts of the amazing things that will never be. You should totally make it a regular feature!)

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On Pop Quiz: Which New Show Pickups Are Real?

Abacadabra is an amazing concept, especially with that cast, but I don't think it'd work as a serial (as it would wear thin after a few episodes), nor do I think it would make a good movie (as the story doesn't need closure). Its most perfect form would be "legendary passed over pilot," to be watched by comedy fans and Whedon junkies for decades as a glimpse of what could have been. Instead, we don't even get that. Thanks a lot.

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On Eddie Murphy Tells New Comics (And Nas) To "Go For Yours"

What does it say that the talk about Nas's outfit was what got me to watch the video? (I don't see what's so exciting about it, sorry! On the other hand, I might actually own the jacket Eddie is wearing.)

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On The Lost Projects of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross

@Bradford Evans Ha, I actually felt the opposite. I normally don't care for fart jokes, but I thought that one was well played. It was always the ending of that sketch that got me down, not because it was bad, but because I find little guys getting beat up to be really depressing. BUT IT'S OKAY, because it immediately passes the baton to the greatest thing in the history of television, The Story of Everest.

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