What's on TV This Week: The Season Premieres of 'Key and Peele,' 'SNL,' 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' and More

snlstageThis week is full of premieres. The Big Bang Theory kicks it off tonight on CBS with its season 8 premiere. ABC keeps it going Wednesday with all new episodes of The Middle, The Goldbergs, and Modern Family as well as the new series Black-ish starring Anthony Anderson. Wednesday night also has the season premieres of South Park and Key and Peele on Comedy Central. NBC continues the stride on Saturday with a new SNL hosted by Chris Pratt, and Fox brings it to a close with new seasons of The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Family Guy on Sunday. And while this week welcomes back shows it also says goodbye to Married at First Site and Pen and Teller: Fool Us.

In late night, Letterman’s guests are Jim Gaffigan and Jerry Seinfeld, Fallon has Andy Samberg and Chris Pratt, Ferguson has Bill Hader, Judd Apatow, and Ben Schwartz, and Meyers has Roy Wood Jr. performing. On Sunday, John Oliver wraps it up with a new episode of Last Week Tonight.

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This Week in Comedy: 'SNL' Adds a New Announcer and Featured Player


-SNL hired Darrell Hammond as its new announcer and new featured player Pete Davidson.

-SNL’s October 11th host is Bill Hader, and Jim Carrey will reportedly host an episode this year to promote Dumb and Dumber To.

-On the Daily Show Jon Stewart gave Michael Che the perfect goodbye.

-Cecily Strong said she was “genuinely happy” about leaving Weekend Update.

-We discussed how FX’s You’re the Worst has quietly become the best new comedy on television.

-We interviewed Gary Gulman who is on the road promoting his new special It’s About Time.

-Tim Gilbert got weird in Toronto.

-Bill Connolly shared how there are business lessons in the world of improv.

-We looked at what it means to direct an Adam Sandler movie.

-We explored the hidden racist past of the Looney Toons.

-We took a look back in time when Bill Cosby helped launch Joan Rivers’ comedy career.

-John Swartzwelder’s failed 1996 pilot Pistol Pete showed up online in full. READ MORE


This Week in Comedy Podcasts: 'Pauly Shore's Interested' Gets Serious

pauly-dinerThe comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy.

Pauly Shore's Interested - The Robin Williams Tribute 

interestedPablo: Right off the bat, Pauly Shore's Interested is not what you'd expect from the '90s stoner icon. I'm not saying I assumed this podcast would be something akin to his MTV VJ days, but I also didn't expect interview clips to fade in-and-out to soft acoustic guitar like your average public radio show. The superb production values give what I'm calling This American Weasel a more serious tone than Shore fans are used to but it works given the somber topic on hand: the suicide of Robin Williams. Shore's two guests are Ed Begley, Jr., who performed standup at the Shore family's Comedy Store before focusing on acting, and comedian Rick Overton, who was Williams's best friend. Both open up their minds and hearts to discuss the late legend's love of bike riding and performing for the troops, his partying heyday in the '80s, and the possibility that the rapid-fire voices in Williams's head that gave him his signature style could have turned on him in his final months. Overton also dishearteningly notes that in Robin's last weeks, their communication dwindled and his texts kept getting shorter. With such a promising start, I highly recommend subscribing to Interested, especially with guests Chris Rock, Paul Rodriguez, Arsenio Hall, and Marc Maron on the horizon. READ MORE


Finding Business Lessons in the World of Improv

funnybusinessIn his book Funny Business, Bill Connolly explores the connection between business and comedy. With interviews from Boston’s powerhouse standup Gary Gulman to the owners of Boston’s Improv Asylum, Connolly explores how his ten comedic principles, if applied, can better any boardroom or office.

For several years Connolly performed at the Improv Asylum in Boston and worked as a marketing analyst. He couldn’t deny the benefit his professional life received from his comedic one, and it inspired him to research the correlation.The result? His book and a new career.

Connolly currently travels for the ad agency iCrossing teaching improv to all its US employees. I caught up with him while he was on the road, and we talked improv, business, and how the concepts of comedy can change everything.

Tell me about Funny Business. What would you like to see written about it that you haven’t yet?

It has been written about a little bit almost as a novelty in the business world.  What I think is particularly interesting about it is the comedy side because I have not seen that written about. What I’ve learned from my research and from experience is that there are a lot of business people who are also comedians.

It’s not just like, “Hey lets take some basic ideas of comedy and make a business.” There are actually people who are working comics outside of the workplace. They have jobs and careers. I think taking a substantial look from the comedy side of it is interesting. READ MORE


What's on TV This Week: 'New Girl' and 'The Mindy Project' Return

newgirlNew Girl, The Mindy Project, and Brickleberry are back this week while Married and You’re the Worst wrap up. Fox’s Tuesday night lineup has the season four premiere of New Girl followed by The Mindy Project’s season three premiere. Brickleberry also kicks off its third season Tuesday on Comedy Central. Thursday, Married and You’re the Worst have their first season finales on FX. In late night, Jimmy Kimmel Live has guests Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, The Late Show has Mike Myers and Moody McCarthy, and The Late Late Show has Time journalist Joel Stein, writer of the Awesome Column. Late night has many more comedic guests so be sure to check them out along with Sunday’s new episodes of American Dad! and Last Week Tonight.

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This Week in Comedy: 'SNL' Gets a New Weekend Update Anchor and Its First Hosts

michaelche_halfhour-Michael Che and Colin Jost will anchor SNL’s Weekend Update next season.

-SNL’s first hosts of season 40 will be Chris Pratt and Sarah Silverman.

-Aziz Ansari shared what it’s like to sell out Madison Square Garden and the business side of comedy.

-Nick Rutherford, Natasha Rothwell, Streeter Seidell, and Jeremy Beiler all joined SNL’s writing staff.

-We recommended five great Australian podcasts to add to your listening catalogues.

-We took one last look at Comedy Central’s weird and hard to categorize one-season shows.

-Live From New York was updated and shows the impact of SNL for the last 12 years.

-Sketch Anatomy asked TV writer/director Jason Woliner about the origins of the Human Giant sketch "Shutterbugs." READ MORE


What's on TV This Week: 'Adam Devine's House Party' Returns

adam devine house partyThis week Tuesday is packed with new episodes — we welcome back Adam Devine’s House Party, say goodbye to the first season of Married at First Sight and pay further tribute to Robin Williams. In the world of late night, Fallon has a slew of comedic guests that include Steve Harvey, Nick Offerman, and Kurt Braunohler. Jimmy Kimmel Live has Ben Schwartz and Bill Hader while The Late Show has Bill Maher and Billy Eichner from Billy on the Street. The week finishes up with the season 11 premiere of American Dad! and a new episode of Last Week Tonight.

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This Week in Comedy: Saying Goodbye to Joan Rivers

- Legendary comedian Joan Rivers died at 81.

-We showed you the late night tributes to Joan Rivers from David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and more.

-Conan’s Brian Stack took us behind the scenes of his many late night characters, including the Traveling Salesman.

-Andy Zaltzman talked plumbing politics and the crazy state of the world for comedy.

-We highlighted the forward-looking comedians of Artistically Challenged, whose new 15-second “television” show is changing the medium of Instagram and Vine.

-The Humor Section featured an original piece by Blake Henderson titled "Letting My Parents Know."

-Jim Jefferies talked about his new special, Barethat is now airing on Netflix.

-Rachel Bloom discussed her new Showtime pilot Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

-This Week in Comedy Podcasts had Alison Rich’s visit on Doodie Calls as well as many other outstanding podcasts from the week.

-This Week in Web Videos interviewed John Purcell from Business Work and highlighted other notable videos of the week.

-Hannibal Buress announced his fall standup tour Comedy Camisado.

-Tig Notaro announced dates for the Boyish Girl Interrupted Tour. READ MORE


What's on TV This Week: 'The League' Returns

TheLeagueFXX has a big week; it wraps the Simpsons marathon and premieres the new seasons of The League and Ali G: Rezurection. If you’re worried that you missed your chance to get in all the Simpsons you wanted, no need because FXX will have plenty more episodes every day. Late night is back strong with new shows from all the major players. The Trailer Park Boys will be on Kimmel, Kristen Wiig on Letterman, and the comedy duo Tim & Eric on Fallon. Conan has Brett Gelman and Brooks Wheelan while The Late Show has Steven Colbert and Leslie Jones. And on Sunday be sure to catch the new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

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This Week in Comedy: Summer's End

poehler-emmys-Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, and The Colbert Report won Emmys while Amy Poehler was snubbed for the 11th time.

-We had an inside look at the return of Superego with Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, Mark McConville, and Paul F. Tompkins.

-We discussed whether or not Modern Family really is the best-directed comedy on TV.

-Janet Varney shared what she’s learned from interviewing women in entertainment on her Nerdist podcast The JV Club and why you should keep your childlike enthusiasm.

-We dug up the many one-season sitcoms and news parodies of Comedy Central.

-Saturday Night’s Children featured Alan Zweibel, writer of famous SNL characters like Belushi's Samurai and Gilda Radner's Weekend Update regulars Emily Litella and Roseanne Roseannadanna.

-Scottish comic Daniel Sloss talked about the art of telling critics to piss off.

-Our exclusive Second City Archives video this week had Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert singing the Obvious Song together in 1993.

-This Week in Web Videos highlighted Lily Du and David Craig’s Fruiting 101.

-We had an interview with Alex Edelman, the 25-year-old comic from New York who won the Best Newcomer Award at Edinburgh Fringe. READ MORE


What's on TV This Week: The Emmys and the Finale of 'Chelsea Lately'

chelsea-handlerTonight, Seth Meyers hosts the Primetime Emmy Awards from LA. Emmys will be given to Outstanding Comedy Series, the Best Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series along with Outstanding Writing and Directing for a comedy series, amongst many others. Also this week Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately comes to a close in a one-hour live finale. Handler will begin a new talk show on Netflix set to premiere in 2016. Tosh.0 is back with new episodes as well as Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and @midnight. In late night, Mike Myers will be on The Late Show with David Letterman.

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This Week in Comedy: The 'Simpsons' Marathon Begins

capefeare-The Simpsons marathon kicked off this week on FXX and we had the full schedule.

-We looked at why The Richard Pryor Special deserves a prominent placement in Pryor’s repertoire of greatness.

-The iconic voice of SNL Don Pardo died at 96.

-Alex Honnet and Caitlin Stephan, owners of the Upstairs Gallery in Chicago, shared about its closing and the upcoming independent comedy festival A Jangleheart Circus.

-Co-creator and executive producer of @midnight Alex Blagg explained why Key and Peele’s sketch "Insult Comic" is genius.

-Our Second City archive footage featured Adam McKay and Scott Adsit in their 1995 show Piñata Full of Bees.

-We broke down what happens when The Simpsons becomes dad humor. READ MORE


What's on TV This Week: The 'Simpsons' Marathon Begins, 'Nathan for You' Ends

crab juice simpsonsThe Simpsons 12-day marathon begins this week on FXX — starting Thursday FXX will air all 25 seasons in chronological order to celebrate its purchase of the series syndication rights. Also this week is a new Drunk History and the season finale of Nathan for You. In the world of late night, Jimmy Fallon has Bill Cosby, Artie Lange, and Amy Sedaris. Conan and The Late Show with David Letterman will have guests Nathan Fielder, Brett Gelman, Kathy Griffin, and Hampton Yount.

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This Week in Comedy: Losing a Legend

robinwilliams-The world tragically lost a comedy legend in Robin Williams.

-Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and Seth Meyers paid tribute to Robin Williams.

-Sam Haft shared a personal story about trying to know Robin Williams.

-We unearthed three sketches of Robin Williams on SCTV in 1982.

-Neal Brennan talked about his transition from behind the scenes to in front of the camera with his new show The Approval Matrix.

-We explored Comedy Central’s graveyard of short-lived sketch shows.

-Netflix announced premiere dates for standup specials from Bill Cosby, Chelsea Peretti, Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, and Chelsea Handler. READ MORE