On What Do You Think of Bill Burr's Rant Against the Alternative Comedy Scene?

Did most commenters watch the video, or just read the excerpt? Ryan Gunther has the right idea, and the pullquote did not really represent the whole podcast segment. Bill Burr is entirely correct that awkward alt comedy is oversaturated. He never said that alt comedy is BAD, it's just past its prime. I suspect it's difficult for hipster/alt-comedy folks to respond positively to criticism like this from Burr because it's difficult to be genuinely introspective while also being ironic.

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On The Day Comedy Won: How 30 Rock Beat Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I think you're right about Studio 60's comedic flaws. The other issue it suffered from, though, was the same that all of Aaron Sorkin's shows did: it takes fantastic actors to pull off his ridiculous dialogue. I enjoyed Studio 60, the West Wing, and Sports Night. Yet when watching a Sorkin show, I found myself constantly thinking "no one in the world talks like this." It breaks the suspension of disbelief. His movies always turn out great, because you have the level of acting to pull off that fast-paced, unrealistic dialogue. On television, however, the actors are clearly spitting out written lines (with notable exceptions such as Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe).

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