The 12 Most Darkly Funny Thanksgiving-Themed Sitcom Episodes

Every TV show leans on tropes to fill out their season. For the standard dramatic hour, it’s brilliant doctors/lawyers/cops with a complicating flaw. For animated sitcoms, it’s copying The Simpsons or copying the copies of The Simpsons. And for critically acclaimed premium cable, it’s so many naked breasts.

That’s why network shows pioneered the holiday episode. If you’ve got 23 episodes of funny! to do from fall to spring, it makes life a lot easier when Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and even Groundhog Day give you jumping-off points.

Now most shows do their holiday episodes with plenty of standard cheer. It’s like, why buck the intense social pressure to be super happy on the days banks are closed? But these twelve specials are all about finding joy in Turkey Day’s sadness, because nothing feels better than sharing some dark comedy with your favorite characters. READ MORE


13 Comedians with Killer 'Star Wars' Material

George Lucas might be a hero for selling his company and intellectual property to Disney, even though it paves the way for the 2015 release of Star Wars Episode VII: A New Theme Park Ride.

But if you’re a comedian, a comedy writer, or a big fan of funny people, this is an absolute disaster. It’s worse than when Lucas made the prequels, worse than when he immediately cashed in on A New Hope with The Star Wars Holiday Special, even worse than when he officially licensed those Burger King glasses that poisoned everyone. Why’s that, you ask? READ MORE