On Fox's Late-Night Animation Block: Axe Cop, Four 15-Minute Shows, and 50 Short-Form Shows

It will be interesting to see how Axe Cop translates to TV. I'm for anything that pushes SNL to try harder.

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On Don't Worry (or Worry), The Office's Leads Want to Come Back Next Season

@Slutface As difficult as the dozen or so roles she's landed during The Office?

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On Bad Ratings: Not Just for Community Anymore

Aside from sports, we have been watching virtually everything by DVR for 6 or 7 years. TV is in the middle of its next giant shift. Ads during programs will soon be as different from today's model as today is from the '50s, if they even exist at all.

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On The Office Recap: "Angry Andy"

My ONLY gripe with this episode was that they showed the Andy wall-punch clip before he did it again. Pointing out a call-back kind of deflates it. Still, a pretty strong episode.

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On The Mystery of the Unproduced "Mr. Peepers" Script

This might be the funniest thing Kattan has ever done.

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On Don't Re-Boo an Office Reboot

@Agent M The last part is what I'm afraid of. NBC's clever, intelligent comedies are ratings poison. Why would they replace The Office with a new show that no one (else) will watch? They will replace it with some cheap reality or game show garbage or another "Whitney."

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On Don't Re-Boo an Office Reboot

I never watched '70s, so I can't comment on that, but I still remember Scrubs fondly. I enjoyed the new characters in the reboot, but obviously it wasn't the same show. Even if it had been downright terrible though, what was lost? The "original" run didn't cease to exist. If The Office is seasons 1-4 (or whatever) to you, then what's wrong with that? It should make no difference to you whether there's a season 9, 10 or 20. But then there's this: what if this time, they actually do it right? What if they find a way to turn The Office into a sitcom version of SNL, where the "B" characters rotate up to "A" status while a new crop of B's is worked in? It could live FOREVER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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On Are You Ready for The Office: The New Class?

I thought the Scrubs reboot was decent. I actually would have preferred if the original cast hadn't come back at all (Kelso and Janitor maybe, since their characters would still have made sense). If the choice is between no more Office and some new version of it, I'll take the new version and see what happens. If it sucks and I have to pretend that it ended when Michael Scott left (much as I pretend the Lovitz years of NewsRadio didn't happen), then so be it.

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On SNL Recap: Sofia Vergara Is More Than A Loud, Pretty Face

You just know that each member of One Direction believes he will be the next Justin Timberlake. For that alone, they should all be murdered. Hey, wait, "Boy Band Hunger Games!" I just fixed the last sketch and probably got it bumped up into the first half-hour. Sorry for the delay!

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On Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis to Leave SNL After This Season?

Speaking of Ferrell, he left the show before W was out of office, and that was an iconic SNL character and an actual "elected" president. Sudeikis leaving before Romney loses isn't really a big deal. What we really need is someone else to play Obama.

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