Diving Into the Completely Insane World of 'Womp It Up!' with Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham

wompitupBreak out your DiGiornos and prolapse your anuses, folks! Much like the rising of good ol’ Christ himself, Marissa Wompler is back and more disproportionately shaped than ever before. As we previously reported, a new bi-weekly podcast called WOMP It Up! launched on Earwolf.com today, and I had the good fortune to talk with the punk, billionaire, geniuses behind it: Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, both UCB vets and the co-creators and co-stars of USA’s Playing House.

For the unenlightened, Marissa (played by St. Clair) is the perpetually 17-year-old intern we have gotten to know and love through her appearances on Scott Aukerman’s podcast Comedy Bang Bang. Marissa first appeared on the podcast back in 2010 and, since then, we've met many members of her f-ed up world, including her “gifted” class teacher, Miss Charlotte Lister (played by Parham).

A few months ago, in The Wompler Files, we dove head first into the annals of the Wompler-verse and explored the rich tapestry that is Marina Del Rey’s favorite student-teacher duo.  We learned that Marissa and Miss Listler may well start their own S.T.A.R.S. college; that Miss Listler’s wedding is probably going to be pretty aquatic if the two previous Womptaculars are any indication; and that Miss Listler is most likely the real inspiration behind American Sniper.

This time around, however, you should whip out your man-chanical pencil and just really take some notes, because we’re about to explore uncharted territory and sit down with Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham to talk about all things Womp & List. READ MORE


The Wompler Files: A Guide to the Expanding Universe of Marissa Wompler and Friends

womplerMany a character has been born and honed in the hallowed halls of Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. Among the best are Don DiMello, Mike the Janitor, Cuban crooner Victor Diamond and his manager, Tiny. And of course who can forget the incest-prone music moguls knows as the Bachelor Brothers?

Hell, it’s quite clear that one of the most appealing aspects of the podcast, and to a larger degree, Scott Aukerman’s career, is his ability to nurture the inclinations of his comedian friends. Zach Galifianakis was quoted in The New York Times as saying Scott has been “kind of a den mother to comics for years.” But chief among this cavalcade of characters has to be the student-teacher duo known as Marissa Wompler and Miss Charlotte Listler.

I can still remember the exact East Village street corner I was on when I first heard the dulcet tones of Marissa Wompler. The brain child of the brilliantly demented Jessica St. Clair, Wompler is a Marina del Rey high-schooler turned podcast intern, who, despite having been on various shows since her first appearance in the summer of 2010, seems to have only aged two-or-so years.

And Miss Charlotte Listler is, of course, Wompler’s hermaphrodite mentor and gifted-class teacher, played oh-so-winningly by Lennon Parham. The Wompler-Listler world has come to fruition in thirteen regular episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang!; an appearance on the Don Dimelo episode of The Andy Daly Pilot Podcast Project; one Earwolf Presents special; and two special episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang! both of whichfollow the concept of an ensemble-style podcast actually hosted by Wompler and DJ’d by Listler.

Massive clitorises, prolapsed anuses, punching dogs to death, shanghaiing high-schoolers, and more romantic entanglements than David Duchovny on a swingers cruise — these are just some of the dramatic events and evocative images that pepper the narrative landscape of Wompler and Listler. But what do we really know about them? Join us as we dive head first into their ever-expanding universe and explore their seventeen plus Earwolf podcast appearances in this definitive guide to womping it up! Let’s see if we can maneuver our way through the soap-opera-esque web of relationships explored in this ever-expanding universe and see what we really know about comedy’s favorite bossypants intern. READ MORE


'ANiMASHUPS': Exploring the Possibilities of the Animated Podcast

animashupsFor my money, there are few things on this big, blue marble we call Earth more awe-inspiring and superlative than the amalgamation of comedy and animation. Screw off, peanut butter and chocolate. Hit the bricks, mortar and bricks! Take a breather, unstable sociopaths and boxes of abandoned puppies. The good folks from Jash and VPN obviously agree, which is where ANiMASHUPS, their series of animated podcasts, comes in.

ANiMASHUPS, which first appeared on Jash’s sister network the Video Podcast Network back in mid-February of 2013, has released over 58 videos to date and features material taken from over eight different partnered podcasts. We were lucky enough to speak with the series creator along with some of the animators and podcasters involved with the series as they gear up for fundraising and pre-production on season two.

Although podcasts are wildly popular today — Apple claims that its customers have subscribed to more than a billion podcasts since iTunes debuted less than a decade ago — there’s no denying their primitive nature as far as forms of expression are concerned. They lack in visuals and have more in common with the radio serials of the 1930’s than the high-tech entertainment we bombard ourselves with today. Thus the mashup of the podcast and animation — the animashup if you will — was an idea waiting to happen. READ MORE


Short-Format Comedy: The Forward-Looking Comedians of Instagram and Vine

artisticallychallengedArtistically Challenged, the first native “television” series to appear on Instagram, is a story told in 15-second episodes — 15 seconds being the maximum length of an Instagram video. I just watched the first season, all 32 episodes, in a grand total of eight minutes. Yes, my head hurts a little. “Did I just have a stroke?” was a thought that crossed my mind more than once during my viewing. And before you ask, no I did not smell burnt toast — but I did laugh a hell of a lot.

The series debuted and completed its first season in July; it tells the story of Nick, an aspiring artist hoping to pass off an unsigned painting as his own while he traverses the tempestuous and surreal NY art scene and comes out on top, or at least with the majority of his limbs intact.  

Can a story be told in a mere 15 seconds? Can a career be built out of 15-second videos? The team behind Artistically Challenged is trying to answer those questions. And their answers may impact a world of comedy content creators, who are using so-called “micro videos” — the kind we see on Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat — as a way to bring their vision to mass audiences, relatively cheaply and definitely quickly.  READ MORE